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10 May Οδοιπορίες
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Η Κατερίνα είναι φίλη. Μια γνωριμία 10ετίας .Είναι ψαράς από εκείνους τους αγνούς που πηγαίνουν για ψάρεμα και όχι για τα ψάρια. Που η θάλασσα για αυτ..
15 Mar Welcome
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Welcome to our website. We have created for you a new e-experience. Those who have to know us will certainly have realized that for us the fishing is ..
12 Mar TAI-Rubber Tips
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Why the TAI-Rubber game came out for good on our fishing trips? Because fits in the temperament of the Greek fisherman is the answer. With light equip..
11 Mar Slow Jigging
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The Slow Pitch Jigging from the boat is a technique that originated in Japan and has passed and our own hunting trails. In this article we will try to..
20 Feb Reach Match Fishing
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The method of Match-float fishing is one of the most specialized fishing from the shore. Going without filing for a true equation. Based, and consists..
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