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Brand: CRALUSSO Model: CR2006
For the fastening of floats Cralusso developed this anti-tangle waggler attachment, which keeps the line away from our float. It is important to remember, that due to its asymmetric shaping it can only be recommended for waggler floats above 10-12gr or Rocket type floats. Available  2 s..
Plastic Head Swivel with interlock Cralusso
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Brand: CRALUSSO Model: CR2123
With the Quality of Cralusso plastic snap for your floats.Available  2 sizes Small & Medium...
Brand: OWNER Model: S4844049
Solid rings from Owner...Stainless steel ,strong.For fishing Jigging or Shore Jigging...
Brand: OWNER Model: S4844040
Hyper Wire strong ring from Owner...For use in Shore Jigging,Spinning,Jigging,Trolling from Boat.Stainless steel.Also useful on changing treble hooks for your rigs...
Brand: OWNER Model: S4844030
Split Ring from Owner....Regular wire in order to change at your lures or for Jigging -Shore Jigging ..
Brand: VARIVAS Model: RING200LB
Heavy duty ring from Varivas.For heavy fishings where the strong of the equipment is necessary...
Brand: OWNER Model: S41440700
From Owner a snap that counts when the resistance is necessaryStainless steelEasy change of lureGreat resistance-test..
Snap FishBite Hook Black
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Brand: FISHBITE Model: S41411510
Classic snap from Fish Bite reliable & strong with a very good price.For use to many fishing methods...
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Brand: FISHBITE Model: S41411010
From Fish Bite a secure snap for many fishing methods.Strong and easy open - close ..
from 0.60€
Brand: OWNER Model: S41440720
From Owner an excellent snap in order to work with your luresWelded for double resistance and straightHi quality stainless steelIdeal for Jerks and Twiching movements of your rodParticular shape in the bottom ,so lure can move easily in the Spinning fiashing...
Snap Owner 72827 P27/S
-10 %
Brand: OWNER Model: S414407010
From Owner-Cultiva a perfect snap in order to change quickly your lures.Small but enough strong with test 4.3Kg you will find this snap essential to your fishing...
5.00€ 4.50€
Brand: OWNER Model: S41440610
This snap from line Hyper of Owner is the best you can find....Excellent quality,stainless steelDouble welded6 sizes for all techniques..
Brand: OWNER Model: S41440600
Extremely resistable snap from Owner..Use it for Spinning,Shore,Egging and other fishing methods for your lures...
Brand: OWNER Model: S41440601
Strong snap from Owner...Enhanced ,with plastic cover in order to connect your lure.Snap is easy opening in all sizes.In 5 sizes with excellent tests...
Snap TopOne Hanging A
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Brand: TOPONE Model: YM2024
For Casting -Surfcasting fishing....This hanging snap will be the perfect end of your rigAdapt weight and also line hook for stable and effective shot...
Snap TopOne Hanging B
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Brand: TOPONE Model: YM2032
For Casting-Surfcasting fishing  from TopOne....This hanging snap will be the perfect end for your rigs.Adapt weight for effective shots...
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM2003
Strong hooked  snap from TopOne.Use this snap for several fishing methods...
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM2002
Classic snap from TopOne....To replace the old ones or use it to many fishing methods...
from 0.60€
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM3805
For heavy fishing,Jigging,Trolling and deep Light boat fishingThis swivel with snap is the best you can chooseThe swivel is ball bearing with great resistance..
from 2.70€
Brand: CRALUSSO Model: CR2136
As a result of the reliability of Cralusso swivels and snaps, this simple rotating quick snap has become the favorite product of anglers. With the success of rhombus snaps in mind, the range was extended by this double, rolling swivel. Available in four different sizes. Within the fine equipment f..
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