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About Us

We started 2009 in Kallithea- Athens-Greece

The idea was to create a natural space differentiated from other stores of its kind with unique features: the structured product appearance, impeccable and friendly service, the collaboration with strong brands and over all the necessary after sales support by showing that for us all starting after the purchase of your equipment.

Physical space created and each angler friend can now be browsed comfortably and enjoyably in the magical world of fishing by selecting accessories and equipment needed.

There will we consult how will use more efficient fishing from the shore the boat and if you still don't have experience our experience will give him the ability to easily and quickly to begin practicing your favorite hobby to Greek "fishing".

Ten years after the new and renewed our website continues in same recitals. Our aim is to feel a different experience. We want you to feel like you're in physical space. So we sought using modern tools:

1.Your purchases be made easily, quickly with one click without getting lost in references and links.
2.You can very simply to do focus on technique you prefer because we assemble all products.
3.To organize the flow of user-centred product i.e. you why would you give life to this page.
4.To have our site always with you and to make purchases from your mobile or tablet.
5.To reward you periodically with discount coupons in product groups.
6.Your personal data is secure and you can delete them from our database whenever you want.

The Way2Fish belong to the affiliated SHIMANO network shops and has even products of DAIWA, OKUMA, etc. Our Philosophy is to do focus on Brands that are handled through the Way2Fish store. The result of this philosophy is the products to be recognized, tested by ourselves and let you delivered flawlessly for use. The rigorous selection of the products and their proper use will make enjoyable the fishing without having to betray the hour of battle.

Happy browsing and possible fishing getaways ...

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