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By purchasing from our online store we want to be sure that the product you selected is what you really want, in the order that you want.

We made major moves to do your purchases more focused :

  • We have created a great product categories e.g. rods, reels, etc. Making click in each category you'll find all products of the category. There we've created smart filters so you can focus easily and quickly to the characteristics you're looking for from a product you want to buy.
  • We have separate  the products based on the fishing method  you want to practice i.e. Spinning. In the category Spinning you will find all the products related to the specific fishing method structured and categorized.
  • We have even the most simple product you can check out the detailed descriptive (where necessary) by putting content-material and not just pictures.
  • For you who are starting now our favorite hobby, allows you to's Blog to find detailed reports that will start your fishing through simple and more specialized articles.
  • In Blog you can learn also anytime for individual technical characteristics of products moving through our e-shop with emphasis on so-called heavy equipment IE.  fishing rods and reels.   You will find new arrivals, expected arrivals and full of articles that will help you to practice with your favorite  products or fishing method.

If there are questions on any product you can visit us in our physical space in Kallithea to contact us by phone or via email and be sure that we will solve it.


After you have completed your purchases then starts for us  After Sales Support.    Regardless of the value of the product or products that you have purchased our philosophy is to support your choice and after the checkout of your order.    In collaboration with major distributors in Greece be able:

  • To abide by the terms of the warranty of the equipment.
  • To replace equipment that came with factory problem if returned within 14 days after you send it. Provided the integrity of the packaging.
  • To repair faulty, wrong user's equipment at the lowest possible cost.
  • To preserve any reel or rod, regardless of whether purchased from us , preventive or because there is need, with the best possible prices. uses cookies to optimize your browsing experience. By using this site, you accept the use of cookies.