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Fishing Weights

Brand: UNO Model: S2676108
From your boat for trolling with live bait at sea bed.Two colors Black & Red.Available from 100 to 250gr...
from 2.50€
Set Case drops STYL LEAD Cralusso 3028
Out Of Stock
Brand: CRALUSSO Model: CR3028
Excellent Styl Lead weights from Cralusso in a case that includes all the hot grams in weight.For you who the rigs of Float fishing techniques want to go down smoothly and balanced but also quickly here you will find the ideal solution.The Weights  are slotted, especially soft that open and clo..
Brand: WAY2FISH Model: V0250
Sinker Achilleus perforated for SurfcastingIn 40gr-60gr..
from 0.35€
Brand: WAY2FISH Model: V0280
Sinker Artemis solid for SurfcastingIn 70gr-90gr-110gr...
from 0.70€
Brand: WAY2FISH Model: V0050
Sinker for Boat with swivel...Solid sinker for Light boat fishing or Sabiki FishingIn 100gr-150gr-200gr..
from 0.60€
Brand: WAY2FISH Model: S601402
Classic sinker cannon ball....Solid for Surfcasting or light Boat FishingIn many sizes..
Brand: COLMIC Model: S605525
Sinker from Colmic...Solid sinker from Colmic For Light Casting or Beach Ledgering.Set of 2pcs in 30gr & 50gr..
Brand: COLMIC Model: S60550
Classic sinker split shot from Colmic...Ideal for Match & BoloIn many sizesPackage with lot of pieces..
Brand: CRALUSSO Model: CR3001
Sinker split shot from Cralusso....Round sinker split shot for Match and BoloExcellent in many sizes..
from 2.15€
Brand: WAY2FISH Model: S6076178
Sinker triangle for Feeder and Surfcasting fishing.Perforated.Available in 10gr-20gr-30gr-40gr-50gr-60gr..
from 0.40€
Brand: DINSMORES Model: E-D
Sinker from Dinsmores...Split shot sinker and soft one for Match and BoloAvailable in 0,10gr-0,20gr-0,40gr-0,80gr..
Brand: WAY2FISH Model: VF0220
Sinker ERMIS perforated for SurfcastingIn 40gr-60gr-80gr-100gr..
from 0.40€
Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S604981
Sinker from GRAUVELLSolid sinker for SurfcastingAvailable in 120gr-150gr..
from 3.00€
Brand: WAY2FISH Model: S601410
Sinker ideal for Trolling with Live BaitAvailable in 250-700gr..
from 2.00€
Brand: WAY2FISH Model: V0290
Sinker HERCULES for Surfcasting & Light  Boat Fishing.In 40gr-50gr-60gr-80gr-100gr-125gr-150gr..
from 0.45€
Brand: WAY2FISH Model: S6014060
Classic sinker olive...Perforated for SurfcastingIn many sizes-weights..
from 0.20€
Brand: WAY2FISH Model: VORF0
Sinker Orpheus solid for Surf or other fishing methods.Available at 60gr-80gr-100gr..
from 0.55€
Brand: WAY2FISH Model: S607614
Sinker Pear with swivel....Sinker solid for Surfcasting or Light Boat fishingIn 40gr-60gr-80gr-100gr-125gr..
from 0.80€
Brand: WAY2FISH Model: V0060-70
Sinker pear with swivel solid .In 20gr-30gr-45gr-60gr-80gr-100gr-150gr-200gr-250gr..
from 0.35€
Brand: WAY2FISH Model: S602203
Sinker oval perforated...Ideal for Match and Bolo In 2gr-3gr-5gr..
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