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Brand: OWNER Model: S1244180
From Cultiva-Owner excellent single Assist Hook..Black chromeCutting pointStrong braid 110lbs with length 4,5cm3pcs package..
Brand: OWNER Model: S1244155
From Owner an excellent double assist hook...With solid ringTaff WireBraid with Fluorocarbon Line inside...
from 5.60€
Brand: OWNER Model: S124482004
Strong single assist hook from Owner...Braid with fruorocarbonSuperTin..
Brand: OWNER Model: S1244150
Excellent double Assist Hook from Owner...For Jigs 20-100grShort,light with strong hooks. Braid Length 1,5cmBraid with fluorocarbon inside for great resistance.Solid Ring includedIn three sizes.Test in lbs : No 1 = 105lbs , No 1/0 = 155lbs , No 3 = 155lbs..
Brand: OWNER Model: S1244210
From Cultiva-Owner ,great single assist hook4pcs package with solid rings.Use Medium size for Jigs 30-60gr, size Large for Jigs 50-100gr & size XLarge for jigs 100-150gr..
Brand: HIRO Model: MEHI8309688
Double assist hook from Hiro ....For Shore Jigging and Jigging fishingExtremely strong braid with excellent hooks Braid lenght 11cm..
From Japanese Hayabusa extremely strong Assist Hook...Special for Jigs on Slow Jigging Strong hooks but also very lightSet of 2 double hooks..
from 8.10€
Japanese quality from Hayabusa in a strong Assist Hook...With braid lenght  3cmStrong hooks for jigs especially for Slow Jigging or Butterfly-Fast Jigging and also Shore Jigging,or for Jigs Knife StyleSet of 2 double hooks with solid rings...
from 8.10€
Assist Hook VMC 7117AH Black
Out Of Stock
Brand: VMC Model: VMCB01111392
Strong Assist Hooks from VMC for JiggingReady to use 2-hook assist rig for modern light jigging / slow pitchExtremely sharp points for easy penetration, essential for slow jigging when hits occur as the jig is fallingTechnical locking curve reduces chances of the hook opening up wh..
Assist Hook Ηayabusa FS 450
Out Of Stock
If you search for qualitative assist hook with the knowledge of the Japanese Hayabusa.....
from 4.90€
If you search for qualitative single assist hook with the knowledge of the Japanese Hayabusa... FS452 are avaliable for you to create the perfect set of jigs and hooksHooks are bound in durable braid,but also light Set of 3hooks..
from 4.30€
Brand: FIIISH Model: KNBM156
Krog (vmc) Hook for Black Minnow soft baits on line 4-140Package 04 pcs..
Brand: FIIISH Model: KNBM210
Krog hooks for your Black minnow soft baitsFor line 5-160Package:04pcs..
Brand: FIIISH Model: KNBM214
Krog hooks for your Black minnow soft baitsFor line 6-200Package : 02pcs..
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 363BN
Strong hook from MORIGEN....From boat and not just.Cicle..
from 2.70€
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 628BN-B
Top hook from Morigen in big sizesIronTop High CarbonRingedBlack nickelCurved shank..
from 3.60€
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 809BN
The new proposal of the Japanese Morigen with live baits will surprise you... The 809BN series can be used in trolling with guard pencil and other techniques from the boat or the coast. The quality is excellent from High Carbon.Available from sizes 01-8/0 for all applications on your fishing.A qua..
from 2.70€
Brand: OWNER Model: S1044162
Strong hook from Owner  ,for Slow Pitch-Inchiku,in order to make your own assists....Very light hooks with strong barb Constructed from Tuff Wire,with spade end who help you tying.Use them on Slow Jigging,Light Jigging..
Brand: OWNER Model: S1044169
From Cultiva - Owner a hook made exactly for fishing methods like Tai-Rubber or Light Jigging.The hook is strong but so light weight for no affect of the skins at Tai-Rubber method and  at the same time not to create problem at the navigation of the jigs at light jigging method.Ideal to making ..
Brand: OWNER Model: S10441630
From Owner excellent Stinger Hook for all fishing methods of Jigging or methods with Live Bait.  Lightweight & very strong ideal for Assist Hooks for methods on board or shore...
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