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Rod Balzer ADRENALIN II 11000-200 Slow Pitch
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Brand: BALZER Model: SMKBAL110040-010
Balzer with the Adrenalin series has given us rods that in the past have made a difference.Now the Adrenalin Arctic Jigger in the version for Zoka, Live Bait fishing from Boat,or Heavy Soft Baits will continue the tradition.A rod with quality subsystems that with 8-14lbs action and maximum CW-400gr ..
Rod Fin-Nor VARIADO 2.10m 6-12lbs (2pcs)
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Brand: FIN-NOR Model: FIN-1785210
Very light and thin rod specially developed for light trolling with livebaits in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Held in the angler’s hand, the light and progressive action of the blank allows excellent contact with the bait. Despite the thin blank, the Variado has enou..
Rod Finnor Lethal VARIADO 6-12lbs
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Brand: FIN-NOR Model: FINN13083210
Lethal - the sensational rod series with a full-carbon blank. Unlike hollow rods, this design is practically indestructible and yet extremely slim. This slender design ensures a very low rod weight despite the solid material. The Model Variado is designed for light trolling and a variety of other bo..
Rod Okuma CORTEZ Sea Fishing
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Brand: OKUMA Model: SKOKUCZ4
• Light weight blank construction from Korean High Modulus Carbon material • Saltwater resistant High rise SIC guides• Hard, durable EVA Handles • Strong Fuji reel seat • Supplied in transport caseCodeLengthTestGuides NoWeightTransportation LengthSKOKUCZ466672,23m12-20lbs10304138cmSKOKUCZ40332,23..
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Rod Shimano ASPIRE Boat Braid
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Brand: SHIMANO Model: ASBT76
The Aspire Boat Braid is the new high-end slim boat rod from ShimanoThe rods have Spiral X and Hi-Power X constructions. Due to the combination of both features, these rods are low in weight but are very strong and sensitive. The Aspire Boat Braid is especially designed for fishing with either liv..
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The new Shimano Beastmaster BX slim...Is Here to help you for fishing with Live bait or Light Trolling.Made by XT60 Slim Blank from Shimano and excellent FUJI Stainless guides for handling without problems the braid.The reel seat is Shimano aluminium.A nice rod from Shimano for your boat fishing wit..
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Sea fishing has in the past been associated with heavy and bulky equipment, but with the introduction of new materials and designs Shimano sea fishing rods are much more refined.The new Speedmaster AX Slim boat rods take some beating with their light feel and powerful actions. Made by XT100 carb..
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Rod Shimano SPEEDCAST KAIBUTSU 2.55m 2pcs
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Brand: SHIMANO Model: SCKPIS8406
This rod is developed in the seas. With the experience of our fieldtsters, Shimano created a popping stick that will not pop your bank balance. Well balanced with top components like Fuji K Guides and Fuji reelseat, this is a one sea going thoroughbred. ..
Rod Shimano TIAGRA XTRC Stand up 50lbs Trolling
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The Tiagra XTRC trolling is the 3nd generation of the successful XTR family. It still has a HPC250 carbon blank mixed with Biofibre for strength but with the use of higher tonnage carbon, the blank is lighter and stronger. Fuji SiC guides made exclusively for Shimano. Cosmetics has been tota..
Rod Shimano TLD-A StandUp 50lbs Trolling
3 x monthly installments Free Shipping
This a fantastic, great value, stand-up boat fishing rod perfect for worldwide big game fishing .Using XT60 and Biofibre, the TLD Stand-up is a strong partner for your stand-up boat angling. Featuring Shimano Hardlite guides (and Shimano roller guides on the R versions), the progressive action o..
Rod Shimano TYRNOS Stand Up 50lbs Trolling
3 x monthly installments Free Shipping
Designed for trolling, the response of this rod build on biofiber, is at the level of its quality components. This rod is the perfect complement for the figths with big fish. New rings that let connectors and swivels pas through. New roller guides designed by PACIFIC BAY. An excellent option ..
Rod Shimano VENGEANCE AX Boat Trolling 30lbs
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Brand: SHIMANO Model: VAXBT7030M
Here is a rod for fishing with live bait from boat.Shimano's Vengeance  range has something for everyone.The blanks are build from XT30 Carbon for strength and control with EVA grips for durability in saltwater situations.Vengeance rods are proved to be the choice for many boat anglers in the b..
Rod Shimano Vengeance AX Slim 20-30lbs boat
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Brand: SHIMANO Model: VAXBTSL762030
The renewed Vengeance Boat Slim has been strongly improved on blank. The new blank (XT60) is more responsive, stronger and lighter. The Vengeance is an ideal all-round boat rod which is powerful and provides a lot of pleasure in fighting the fish. Strongly improved blank: more responsible (sti..
Rod Shimano Vengeance Stand Up
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Brand: SHIMANO Model: VSTP
The new Vengeance Stand-up is built on a tough Geofibre blank and offers outstanding value for anglers inexperienced with trolling. Perfect for small boats when fishing for small pelagics like small tuna, mackerel, dorado and amberjacks, all the models cover a wide range of trolling styles a..
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Shimano Rod BeastMaster AX 16-20lbs (2pcs)
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Brand: SHIMANO Model: BMBXBT1620
Beast Master is an excellent rod for live bait fishing from your boat.It has the SDR system on it that gives you strength & sensitivity for reliable fighting on board.Made by XT-60 Carbon together with BiofibreHere you can buy the model with test 16-20lbs..
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