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Rod Balzer 71 NORTH NANO PILK 2.15m 2pcs
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Brand: BALZER Model: SMKBA112480215
Top range of specialized rods for jigging-inchikuWith great power, reduced weight and high quality, the Series Edition 71 will yield the greatest in fishing pilkers, inchiku and baited or not Kabura. Edition 71 series feature to the top models of the company and is th..
Rod Balzer ADRENALIN II 11000-200 Slow Pitch
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Brand: BALZER Model: SMKBAADR11000200
This is a high quality rod from Balzer, based on the Japanese philosophy. If you loved Adrenalin Inchiku rods, now you are gonna to be crazy in love! Its material is Japan carbon IM12. Extra strong with great sensibility, this is a slow pitch rod that is going to give you a unique experience i..
Rod Balzer ADRENALIN PILK 2.10m-(2pcs)
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Brand: BALZER Model: SMKBA11002210
Adrenalin: The new line of Balzer overturns what we knew about the "quality " field, since Balzer conscripted all her expertise and the best existing coal quality to build the new rod series that "get adrenaline high".The model for Inchiku-jigging of the series is a top choi..
Rod Balzer MAGNA NORDIC Flexo 2.15m- (2pcs)
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Brand: BALZER Model: SMKBA112000215
Lovely lightweight pilking rod for water depths up to approx.100 m and bait weights up to arround 200gr.With special Low Rider Guides..
Rod Daiwa SALTIST BAY Slow
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The Saltist has been designed for slow vertical jigging. This 1.88mm has been especially designed for use with a baitcasting reel, which can be used to vary the speed and behaviour of the jig as you work it up and down from the boat – always keeping a light tension on the line in case of a tak..
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Rod Finnor Megalite Slow Jig
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Brand: FIN-NOR Model: FINN130351
From Finnor two specially designed rods for slow jigging. A highly appraised method around the Mediterranean coastlines targeting such species like the Dentex, the red bream, groupers, amber jacks. Our slim profile graphite blanks, carrying Fuji components, this will give the angler a definite..
Rod Major Craft CROSTAGE CRJ B63 Slow Jigging
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Slow-pitch series debut in Crostage CRJ .A Handy designing, Slim & Strong power and High Sensitivity It's truly almighty bait casting jigging rod which can correspond quickly to slow & light jigging .At the excellent blank with Regular Fast action Major Craft put Fuji K Sic guides.Sugges..
Rod Major Craft Crostage MAGOTSI TENYA
3 x monthly installments Free Shipping
From Major Craft a very good rod for the technique of TENYA in its modern form.Made of excellent blank with double layer Cross Force.The rod is light with just 120gr weight and has a length of light 2, 25m.The tip is very sensitive in yellow color  so you can understand all the contacts and i..
Rod Major Craft NP JACK Slow Pitch
3 x monthly installments Free Shipping
Major Craft’s latest concept NP Jack where NP stands for “Nano Power”. The new NANO material provides outstanding strength and stiffness which are essential for jigging and other fishing techniques.The material is combined with the micro-pitch Cross Force technology and thus the ultimate hyb..
Rod Major Craft SOLPARA Light Jigging B64 2pcs
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This is a standard  baitcasting model for beginners that want to start light jigging. This model is very suitable for a lot of fish targets like cutlass, sea bass and many others. The 6ft length can handle a variety of jerks from short until long. PE Line: 0.6-1.2..
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Rod Major Craft SOLPARA Light Jigging B64 2pcs
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Light Jigging finds more and more friends.Major Craft delivers the renewed SOLPARA SPX J to enter the technique without compromising on the quality characteristics.The rοd is made of blank Cross Force and wears Fuji guides with rings "O" concept.The reel seat is Fuji for stability of the reel in ord..
Rod Major Craft SOLPARA S64 Light Jigging  2pcs
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This Price is True. Enjoy Light Jigging more easily. The price is affordable but the spec is worth more than the price!Special Feature: Grip JointGuide Type: FUJI 0 ringNo of Guides: 6Reel Seat: FUJI TCSHandle: EVA ..
Rod Pregio PASSION Hitotsu Tenya
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Brand: PREGIO Model: SMKPRPAHT30755
The name PASSION from  PREGIO is very well known.The new Passion refers to the technique of Hitotsu Tenya the renewed version of the TENYA with sliding heads.Excellent look and functionality to understand all the "contacts" of the baited shrimp. It wears Fuji guides, Fuji reel base and is made ..
Rod Pregio SLOW TEMPO Slow Jigging
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Brand: PREGIO Model: SMKPR18
Overturning from Pregio in Slow Jigging rods.This particular model is designed and built for demanding slow jigging fishing by highly technical fishermen. So soft to the fish but so vivid to the pilker, will really impress everyone with his performance and unique character. Manufactured from 40 to..
Rod Pregio VENOM Hitotsu Tenya
3 x monthly installments Free Shipping
The TENYA fishing comes back dynamically. Its evolution is Hitotsu TENYA    Pregio delivers to you an excellent rod to practice this technique in new dimensions now.  Lightweight and powerful 3rd generation blank.  Transfer any contact from the seabed directly on your fishin..
Rod Shimano BEASTMASTER KABURA -2.29m (2pcs)
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Brand: SHIMANO Model: BMKJS706M
The Shimano Beastmaster for Light jigging or kabura fishing features by XT60 blank ,with its progressive action,is one of the best rod when sensitivity is necessary so as not to "spook" the fish before it bites...
Rod Shimano GAME TYPE Slow Jigging
3 x monthly installments Free Shipping
This is the state-of-the-art jigging technique that has been spreading in Japan and now all around the world, elevating the game of jigging to another dimension. Slow pitch jigging is not slow reeling. It is a continuous sequence of stop and go pitches. It’s basically one pitch per second. T..
Rod Shimano GRAPPLER B634 Slow Jigging
3 x monthly installments Free Shipping
Brand: SHIMANO Model: GLPJB634
Shimano Grappler is designed and engineered for anglers who take on a variety of angling disaplines from inshore jigging to slow jigging..Hi Power X blank means increased power across angling curves and loads,yet still being comfortable to handle.Fuji SIC guides complete this pleasing built.Perfect ..
Rod Shimano GRAPPLER BB B632-(2pcs)
3 x monthly installments Free Shipping
Brand: SHIMANO Model: GLPJBBB632
Grappler BB632 belongs to the next generation of Shimano offshore rods offering light jigging & slow jigging.With blanks enhanced with Shimano's Hi-Power X blank technology, these slim rod have sensitive tips combined with extreme power.As its name suggests, they will handle pretty much anythi..
Rod Shimano SPEEDMASTER Bottom Ship S584S 2pcs
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Brand: SHIMANO Model: SPMBS584S
If ever looking for a versatile SW rod, this series is it! There is 2 rod  in this series and everyone of them is a serious workhouse, capable of jigging, bottom fishing and even light jigging with soft baits for example.Shimano is using highly durable Fuji MN guides that has proved to be o..
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