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 Colmic Bucket Moby BOXEVA01
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Brand: COLMIC Model: S385505001
The practical lanyard which is equipped, allows you to collect water even from considerable heights, with ease.It is ideal for match fishing, reef fishing from the beach or just to keep in your boat...
Brand: OWNER Model: S3044880
Excellent braid to make your own assist hooks with fluorocarbon core  for better stability of the hooks and stronger knots.Avalilable from 35 to 75lbs..
Assist Hook Braid Owner PowerFlex
-10 %
Brand: OWNER Model: S3044900
Strong assist hook braid from Owner in order to make yours for JiggingAvailable from 35 to 120lbs for any kind of jigs...
9.30€ 8.40€
Assist Line 8x Carbotex 0,80mm
2-3 Days
Brand: CARBOTEX Model: KAL-CAL10-800R
From Carbotex 10 meters of an excellent Assist line with red color.Use it making your own assist hooks or for fishing methods like zoga , trolling with live bait ,soft baits fishing etc.Diameter 0,80m and test power 65Kg-144lbsA value for money product for many fishing conditions...
Brand: BEHR Model: S386156028
With this back pack chest you will find an easier way to transport and organize your tackle. Padded bag and backpack shoulder straps for enhanced comfort. Front loader pocket for leadermaterial etc. 500 ml drinking bottle included.Dimensions : Front 30x8x32cm,Back 38x6x38 cm..
Brand: RAMEAU Model: ME0805922
Work with the groundbaits and maggots with this bait box from Rameau.Usefull because you can find a seive to strain the grounbait and you can also transport the maggots inside. ..
6.50€ 5.99€
Bait Box Uno
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Brand: UNO Model: S8322500
In order to carry maggots.Cap with small holes.Two sizes available for you : Small 8,5 x 10cm , Large 10,5 x 12cm..
Brand: STONFO Model: S380401
Bait clip, device to secure bait during cast. In conditions where  we need long cast and big length of our rig.Size 1: For Line Diameter from 0,15mm to 0,35mm  & Size 2: For Line Diameter from 0,40mm to 0,60mm..
Bait Clip Top One
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Brand: TOPONE Model: TOP2030-064
Bait clip, device to secure bait during cast. In conditions where  we need long cast and big length of our rig...
Brand: RAPALA Model: S382801004
An indispensable tool, this knife with 4" (10cm)  blade features serrated upper blade and razor sharp, butt to tip blade. The perfect size for preparing bait and performing other boatside tasks. Includes open sheath for safe storage. Lanyard ready, or hang from sheath loop for one-hande..
Brand: TOPONE Model: TOP3219
From Top One Bait Needle INOX in 2 sizes 10cm & 18cm.Diameter is 9mm and the tip is circle...
Brand: TOPONE Model: TOP3301
From Top One bait needle INOX in 2 sizes 15cm & 20cm.The diameter is 9mm and the  tip is spiky & sharp...
Brand: TOPONE Model: TOP3308-18
From TOP ONE Bait Needle 18cm.Very spiky tip and hole behind for the hook.The diameter of the needle is 1.0mm...
Bait Needle TOP ONE 3322-20
Out Of Stock
Brand: TOPONE Model: TOP3322-20
From Top One bait needle with length 20cm.Very spiky tip and handle hold behind.The diameter of the needle is 0,9mm.Color Yellow...
Brand: TOPONE Model: TOP3300-23
From Top ONE INOX bait needle 23cm.Very spiky tip and glow handle behind.Diameter of the needle is 0,90mm...
Brand: UNO Model: S387203552
From Uno boilies needle.Strong Plastic handle  & length 11,5cm...
Brand: STONFO Model: S3804232
A quality bait needle from Stonfo with hook support.You will find available the thinner one with length 12cm & 20cm and Φ 0,6mm and the fatest one with length 12cm & 20cm and Φ 1.0mm.Blister with 2pcs...
Brand: STONFO Model: S380491568
From Stonfo a bait station designed to meet the many needs of fisherman. Its structure in durable plastic is perfectly rounded and has no sharp edges. The compartment can hold various bait boxes or tools in a stable position. Other important features make this bait tray a well equipped working..
Bead for squid jigs Yamashita
-10 %
Brand: YAMASHITA Model: S382006001
From Yamashita for TATAKI Fishing an excellent bead with snap...
14.00€ 12.60€
Brand: UNO Model: S3822523
Cross transparent beads from Uno.Use size 3 x 5 for max. line 0,50mm and size 4,7 x 6 for max.line 0,70mm...
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