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Okuma rod CEYMAR Match 4.20m (3pcs)
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From Okuma the new CEUMAR for Match Fishing will not dissapoint you.Slim and balanced carbon blank. Progressive action.Quality cork and EVA handles.Okuma quality graphite reel seat.Light weight guide setting. Supplied in quality rod bag ..
Pregio rod Heavy Casting II Plus 2pcs
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Brand: PREGIO Model: SMKPR15-101
Pregio renews the Heavy Casting series with the new reinforced Heavy Casting Plus rod. It has extremely enhanced carbon and hard action. Featured with Fuji guides.The reel base is movable.A reliable product from Pregio, ready to fight with any fish...
Pregio rod Limit EGI 19-0803
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Brand: PREGIO Model: SMKPRLIMEG190803
New rod Limit Eging from the unique brand Pregio. A very technical and quality option that does not cost a fortune, An 100% thoroughbred rod, well-set and crafted with incredible peripherals.t has stunning behavior while fishing squid lures and gives a complete sense of stinging. Pregio's..
Rod  Major Craft CROSTAGE CRX Τ762L Mebaru  2.32m  2pcs
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The completely New "3rd Generation" Crostage appears at last.. A rod where every angler can easily feel the full specs and features that the new Crostage material can adapt  to any field condition and fishing method with the latest technology of "Cross Force Manufacturing Method" adop..
Rod  Shimano BEASTMASTER CX JIG Β5103-(2pcs)
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Brand: SHIMANO Model: BMCXJBTB5103
A simple no frills jigging rod that's big on features but small on price. This rod comes with full Fuji component and completed with a vivid yellow finish.Constructed from XT60 CarbonAlso a good choice for bottom fishing! ..
Rod Adventure Xtreme  Shore Jigging
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Brand: STORM Model: S202732866
From Storm a two pcs rod, ideal for Shore Jigging, made of high quality carbon with super price. It has a slim and light blank but at the same time very strong, with peak action. It is in the right length (3.05m) for this fishing method, and gives countless options in terms of the weight of ..
Rod Balzer 71 NORTH NANO PILK 2.15m 2pcs
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Brand: BALZER Model: SMKBA112480215
Top range of specialized rods for jigging-inchikuWith great power, reduced weight and high quality, the Series Edition 71 will yield the greatest in fishing pilkers, inchiku and baited or not Kabura. Edition 71 series feature to the top models of the company and is th..
Rod Balzer ADRENALIN II 11000-200 Slow Pitch
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Brand: BALZER Model: SMKBAADR11000200
This is a high quality rod from Balzer, based on the Japanese philosophy. If you loved Adrenalin Inchiku rods, now you are gonna to be crazy in love! Its material is Japan carbon IM12. Extra strong with great sensibility, this is a slow pitch rod that is going to give you a unique experience i..
Rod Balzer ADRENALIN II 11000-200 Slow Pitch
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Brand: BALZER Model: SMKBAL110040-010
Balzer with the Adrenalin series has given us rods that in the past have made a difference.Now the Adrenalin Arctic Jigger in the version for Zoka, Live Bait fishing from Boat,or Heavy Soft Baits will continue the tradition.A rod with quality subsystems that with 8-14lbs action and maximum CW-400gr ..
Rod Balzer ADRENALIN PILK 2.10m-(2pcs)
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Brand: BALZER Model: SMKBA11002210
Adrenalin: The new line of Balzer overturns what we knew about the "quality " field, since Balzer conscripted all her expertise and the best existing coal quality to build the new rod series that "get adrenaline high".The model for Inchiku-jigging of the series is a top choi..
Rod Balzer MAGNA NORDIC Flexo 2.15m- (2pcs)
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Brand: BALZER Model: SMKBA112000215
Lovely lightweight pilking rod for water depths up to approx.100 m and bait weights up to arround 200gr.With special Low Rider Guides..
Rod Balzer XANADU Feeder 3,60m
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Brand: BALZER Model: SMKBAXA110670
Developed for feeder fishing in smaller waters and where trees do not permit the use of long rods.Although the rod is beautifully sensitive it nevertheless easily carries feeder baskets a long distance. Also excellent for fishing at saltwater  with thin lines to sent your baits far away without..
Rod Balzer XANADU Feeder 3,90m
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Brand: BALZER Model: SMKBAXA110680
A perfect allround feeder rod for many water types, flowing conditions and fish species. The balanced bending curve in the upper rod section allows also the safe landing of large fish.Also excellent for fishing at saltwater  with thin lines to sent your baits far away without problem.With 150gr..
Rod Colmic GIGHEN Pole-Telescopic
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Brand: COLMIC Model: S2055013
Telescopic rod 100% reliable, features a tubular tip and cross reinforced carbon, perfect for both river and saltwater fishing.CodeLenghtCasting WeightWeightTransportation LenghtS2055013215,00mMax 20gr210gr135cmS2055013226,00mMax 20gr278gr135cmS2055013237,00mMax 20gr357gr135cm..
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Rod Colmic LAREO Match
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Brand: COLMIC Model: S205520076
From Colmic a composite rod for boat fishing seppia or squids..Providing regular action and a very sensitive tip for any bite detection.Features with sic guides to work with very thin braids, srew reel seat and Neopren handle.A lightness rod with true value for money...
Rod Colmic STERN XF 2.10m-(2pcs)
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Brand: COLMIC Model: S205520092
From Colmic a rod for medium-heavy bottom fishing from boat with excellent price quality ratio..Carbon Mix blank SIC guide ringsNylon/ABS and stainless steel reel seat..
Rod Crony GUNDOG RS822 Lrf
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Brand: CRONY Model: KAL-GURS-822LRF
From Crony a reliable and value for money rod for Light Rock Fishing.Made 90% from Korean carbon blank and the guides are Sic suitable for braid. The reel base is strong and powerfull.A rod with nice design with excellent paintings.Use PE: #0,4-0,8..
Rod Crony GUNDOG Seabass S902M
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Brand: CRONY Model: KAL-GU-S902M
A value for money rod from CRONY for the spinning seabass fishing method.The blank is made from excellent carbon material.The guides are sic and the reel base is enhanced for working without vibrations.The handle is from EVA to work with the rod confortably.Use braid PE# 1.0-1.5..
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Brand: CRONY Model: KAL-GUTR-C702
A value for money rod from Crony to enjoy Tai Rubber Fishing method.Updated ,strong and lightweight, with very nice subsystems.Rings Fuji O' Concept.Suggested PE braid #0,6-1,2 for this with Tai Weight 120gr , and #0,8-1,5gr for this with max Tai Weight 160gr.Action Extra-Fast.CodeLengthTai Weight M..
from 94.00€
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