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Squid Jig DAIWA Emeraldas Dart II -TYPE-SS


Squid Jig DAIWA Emeraldas Dart II -TYPE-SS

The absolute Squid Jig  from DAIWA changes the data in the fishing of squid from the coast.

  • Its movement is perfectly natural, the colors are excellent.
  • The faithful imitation of shrimp and the outer surface of the shrimp body create an excellent whole with truly absolute cruising.
  • The Emeraldas DARTII type SS series dd Extra Slow has a slow immersion of 8sec/m which help us to slowly detect the place all the way. The type SS is ideal for shallow waters.
  • The hooks are from the Saq Sas series. They don't look like what we know. They are designed to be absolutely sharp and do not forgive. They are rounded based on a coating of fluoride metal that give them an excellent smooth surface and highly effective penetration.
  • The swivel is extremely strong and the eyes are 3D designed.
  • You will find them in size #3 with a length of 10cm and a weight of 12,5gr. 
  • An excellent Squid Jigs range from DAIWA for delicious EGI fishing.

Material Squid Jigs
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