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Brand: ARDENT Model: S994401005
From Ardent line & Braid conditioner.Smoothes lines and each braided type. Improves distance shots minimizes memory & twisting, protects from UV rays, reduces tangles.Blister : 59ml..
Brand: ARDENT Model: S994401001
From Ardent 100% synthetic grease, ideal for brass steel and plastic parts, inhibits rust and prevents corrosion.Detected by UV, patented additive with unique smooth texture.Take care your value reels...
Brand: ARDENT Model: S994401007
From Ardent a product to clean your reel.It cleans all parts of the reels, dissolves dirt, oil and grease, salts of oil and dirt.Protects against corrosion, chemically produced formula, dry cleaning.Blister: 59ml...
Brand: ARDENT Model: S994401006
From Ardent reel protection spray.Spray without wash or rinse the reel. Dissolves the salt and minerals, creating a shield against the salty water, safe for use around the equipment.Blister : 59ml..
Brand: ARDENT Model: S994401002
From Ardent 100% synthetic oil minimally greasy.Compatible with all materials, non-sticky substance, stable temperature performance.It's thin and usefull for all reels.Blister : 30ml..
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