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Lure Savage Gear SANDEEL SURF WALKER II Floating

Lure Savage Gear SANDEEL SURF WALKER II Floating

From Savage Gear the second Floating edition of SURF WALKER with new excellent colors

  • The Sandeel Surf Walker will give you a lot of excitement because of the 3d editing that looks like garfish.

  • The body is hard "Strong hard ABS" which gives it excellent side to side noiseless cruising.

  • It has a horizontal Balance that holds the head high at the stop of the retreive reminiscent of wounded fish. 

  • Extremely dynamic shot and excellent navigation in the "Walk the Dog" movement .

  • Wears 2 salagkies ST46 No 2. 

  • Length: 15, 5cm and 18cm .

  • Weight: 15, 5cm/17gr and 18cm/27gr.

  • A very good artificial at a reasonable price that should not be missing from your basket at Spinning Fishing Method

Material Hard Baits
Lure Type Floating
Treble Hook 2
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