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Soft Lure Savage Gear 3D Octopus


Soft Lure Savage Gear 3D Octopus

From Savage Gear The 3D Octopus is based on a scan of a baby Octopus, the Body is lead alloy and the tentacles is made from super durable soft TPE.

  • The lure has almost zero resistance in the water on the drop and will dart wide on slow jigging.
  • On the pause the lure will hang in a realistic posture, and the tentacles will move at even the slightest current.
  • The Super Glow paint and skirt along with a built-in rattle chamber and bubble catch, the 3D Octopus hits every visual, auditory and sensory points that triggers feeding and aggression from predator fish.
  • Built Tough with extra heavy-duty hardware, the 3D Octopus is designed to take on the most Savage predatory game fish on the ocean floor.

Material Soft Baits
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