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Lure Rapala Max Rap Walk n'Roll

Lure Rapala Max Rap Walk n'Roll

The "do-all" topwater bait, MaxRap Walk'N Roll spits, bobs, skitters and slides across the surface in all conditions.

  • Developed in partnership with pro anglers  this lure is weighted for Maximum casting distance and ultimate stability in bad weather and rough seas.
  • Under a steady retrieve the MaxRap Walk'N Roll spits and rolls from side-to-side; or try a twitch & pause to create a walking action.
  • Crank it in fast to imitate a fleeing baitfish; or when at rest with your rod tip down, twitch it in place for a head-down bobbing motion.
  • Fitted with VMC 7554 2X-Strong Ti coated inline treble hooks.


Material Hard Baits
Lure Type Floating
Lure Weight 29gr
Lure Length 13cm
Treble Hook 2
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