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Lure SavageGear PANIC PREY V2

Lure SavageGear PANIC PREY V2

Excellent  WTD lure from Savage Gear...

                    • Based on the details and movements of "anchovy"

                    • "Open Mouth" gives incredible movement and navigation in the "Walk the Dog" movement

                    • The excellent shape gives very good shots.

                    • Its move is "wide gliding" that gives the impression of an injured fish.

                    • It has internal balls with noise that causes.

                    • It comes on lenght 10,5cm and 13,5cm

                    • Weight : 10,5cm - 16gr and 13,5cm-23gr

                    Material Hard Baits
                    Lure Type Floating
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                    • Product Code:: SKSVGPP1

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