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Lure KENDOZO Ultra Slim

Lure KENDOZO Ultra Slim

Kendozo's effort is to offer you quality Lures at the lowest possible price.

  • Realistic slim body, long shot but also efficient colors for the waters of the Mediterranean are the characteristics of the most successful of the series of artificial Kendozo.
  • A small flap that they have at the bottom and the total schemef of these artificial ones gives them a highly realistic navigation even with slow, steady recovery, while at the same time the balls they have inside produce sound making their presence felt even in the absolute darkness, giving simultaneousshots at really long distances.
  • You will find Ultra Slim at 14,5cm in 15gr and 17,5cm in 25gr.
  • Just try them..

Material Hard Baits
Lure Type Floating
Depth max 0,4-0,8m
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  • Product Code:: CY146/133

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