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Lure KENDOZO TRIHO Minnow 15cm Floating


Lure KENDOZO TRIHO Minnow 15cm Floating

Kendozo's new ranges are excellent in quality and are offered at the lowest possible price.

  • TRIHO Minnow will become your next partner in Spinning or Floating Trolling.
  • The main feature of this series is the long shots but also their extremely realistic sailing regardless of the conditions i.e. speed, ripple or intense currents. The artificial works comfortably in the water even with simple retrieve.
  • The eyes are embossed & amp; three-dimensional and the 3D color capture is extremely realistic in order to cause e.g. prey such as hips,, palms, etc. The noise generated by the internal balls is an extra weapon in your hands.
  • Lures wear VMC trebles hooks that they don't forgive.
  • The artificial is Floating and sinks up to 0.80cm.
  • With a weight of 23gr and amazing working colors we say just try it...
Material Hard Baits
Lure Type Floating
Lure Weight 23gr
Lure Length 15cm
Depth max 0,30-0,90m
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