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Lure KENDOZO OCEAN Slider Sinking


Lure KENDOZO OCEAN Slider Sinking

Kendozo's new ranges are excellent in quality and are offered at the lowest possible price.

  • The Ocean Slider series is characterized by its slim body, sinking version and unique cruising.
  • With a length of 7 cm and a weight of just under ten grams (9.6gr) the new Ocean Slider takes really long shots even over time, easily applying techniques such as Light Rock Fishing or Light Spinning
  • The build quality is impressive and you will find them in 6 strong colors with red 3D eyes that make a difference.
  • The artificial ones come with two VMC treble hooks.

Material Hard Baits
Lure Type Sinking
Lure Weight 9,6gr
Lure Length 7cm
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  • Product Code:: CY158

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