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Lure IMA SKIMMER Grande 125SW


Lure IMA SKIMMER Grande 125SW

From the Japanese company your well-known SKIMMER now and in a larger size to 12.5 cm.

  • The SKIMMER Grande with 21 grams will give you strong and better shots.
  • The excellent balance in water has not changed, and its behaviour, namely the splash and noise that causes even the most incredulest prey.
  • The "Walk the Dog" method is the one that pulls out all of its features.
  • He wears No  #2 treble hooks and a split ring  No #4.
  •  For the lovers of IMA and not only an artificial one that is good to be in your collection.
  • Selection of 6 working colors for all conditions and prey.
Material Hard Baits
Lure Type Floating
Lure Weight 21gr
Lure Length 12,5cm
Treble Hook x 2
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  • Product Code:: KAL-IMA-SKIM125

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