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Brand: IMA Model: KAL-IMA-SKIM110
Perhaps the  best top water lure that circulates in the market.With excellent navigation that is animated on the surface attracts any prey.It comes with 2 treble hooks No 4 and has a length of 11 cm with 14gr weight.For lovers of "Walk the Dog" method a lure with many successes.  &nbs..
Brand: IMA Model: KAL-IMA-SKIM125
From the Japanese company your well-known SKIMMER now and in a larger size to 12.5 cm.The SKIMMER Grande with 21 grams will give you strong and better shots.The excellent balance in water has not changed, and its behaviour, namely the splash and noise that causes even the most incredulest prey.The "..
Brand: IMA Model: KAL-IMA-KO175
From IMA your well known "KO" now at 17,5cm with 27gr weight.More chance to get bites by attractive rolling action even in a tough situation.The design of shape and perfect weight balance make the flight very stable.High density tungsten weight contributes to make the body long slim with great cast ..
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