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Brand: CRALUSSO Model: CR2122
The success of fishing lies in the details and the fishing equipment.Excelent Brass float snap.Available in two sizes Small & Medium...
Brand: STONFO Model: S380402550
From Stonfo Float-line connector with swivel and snap for wagglers.Supplied with special locking tubes. Rotating freedom reduces any possibility of entanglement...
Float Snap Owner 81100-S
2-3 Days
Brand: OWNER Model: S384403010
From Owner ,attachment  for float, to be used for smooth running at your Match Fishing Rig.Good plastic quality...
Brand: STONFO Model: S380402360
From Italian Stonfo attachment  for float, to be used for smooth running. Equipped with a self lubricating rotating smooth bead for sure casting without problems.You can use line diameter up to 0,23mm..
Brand: CRALUSSO Model: CR2123
With the Quality of Cralusso plastic snap for your floats.Available  2 sizes Small & Medium...
Brand: CRALUSSO Model: CR2136
As a result of the reliability of Cralusso swivels and snaps, this simple rotating quick snap has become the favorite product of anglers. With the success of rhombus snaps in mind, the range was extended by this double, rolling swivel. Available in four different sizes. Within the fine equipment f..
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM1901
Excellent swivel with great resistance from TopOne....From coast or from boatHigh test resistance for all your fishing techniques...
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