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Brand: WAY2FISH Model: V08
Tai Rubber family, fish imitation that manufacture sound depth to the sea bed.Nice rubber with two rattles on it & strong hooks.Use this product from boat and if you like the shore tai use the light weight products.Three different colors to make the difference...
from 7.90€
Brand: OWNER Model: S264450
From the Cultiva subsidiary of the Owner a very strong Tai-Rubber series to practice your favorite technique ... A powerful weapon for technique. With excellent hooks Owner Jigger light Tuff Wire, ultra-thin and light-weight but also sharp. The head comes with excellent colors with hydrodynamic..
from 10.00€
 The Free slides of Hayabusa came to give results to your fishing... They are hydrodynamic and flexible and you can use them according to the conditions in various ways for boat fishing. The lure moves freely on the braid resulting when it is in the bottom,the skirts move freely, attracting w..
from 11.00€
Hayabusa introduces you to the new Free Slide VS that came to continue more effectively the course of the Tai-Rubber technique... With a new hydrodynamic shape for better holding and presence of motion on the deep. The shape minimizes the "blow back" of the braid something we need in this techni..
from 11.30€
Hayabusa's new series of TAI Free Slide Rubber is the evolution and continuity of its already successful series.Straight Fall heads are perfect for fast downloading when we have more powerful currents.The construction quality and the colors of the heads are excellent, and as always, the skins are sp..
from 13.00€
From the Japanese company a TAI Jig that will make the difference to your fishing.The Tainomi might seem like a normal Tai Rubber lure, however The Tainomi might seem like a normal Tai Rubber lure, however Major Craft Team has put endless days of research in this Tai Rubber lure. Tainomi feature..
from 8.00€
Brand: SHIMANO Model: EJ7
From Shimano the new BAKU-BAKU FLAT Tai Jigs serie change the balance in the TAI Rubber method.With Flat head that becomes one with the seabed giving even greater "value" to the Rubber and even greater balance in currents due to the slim shape.With durable rubbers, hooks that do not forgive and ..
from 14.40€
Brand: NAKAZIMA Model: S26475142
From Japanese Nakazima a very strong lure for Tai Rubber...Two colors ideal in our waters. Sliding with shape for excellent movement of currents.Convincing  skirt with strong hooks. To the 160gr weight that will help you in the deep. ..
Brand: SHIMANO Model: EJ4Q
For Tai Rubber , Shimano presents Tiger Baku-Baku... Excellent colors and dyes that make a difference. Hydrodynamic shape for optimum current movement. Ideal sliding scrolling the skirt. Convincing skirt with strong hooks. A possible choice for the technique that should not be missing from..
from 12.60€
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