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Brand: WAY2FISH Model: V08
Tai Rubber family, fish imitation that manufacture sound depth to the sea bed.Nice rubber with two rattles on it & strong hooks.Use this product from boat and if you like the shore tai use the light weight products.Three different colors to make the difference...
Brand: OWNER Model: S264450
From the Cultiva subsidiary of the Owner a very strong Tai-Rubber series to practice your favorite technique ... A powerful weapon for technique. With excellent hooks Owner Jigger light Tuff Wire, ultra-thin and light-weight but also sharp. The head comes with excellent colors with hydrodynamic..
Brand: OWNER Model: S3044880
Excellent braid to make your own assist hooks with fluorocarbon core  for better stability of the hooks and stronger knots.Avalilable from 35 to 75lbs..
Assist Hook Braid Owner PowerFlex
-10 %
Brand: OWNER Model: S3044900
Strong assist hook braid from Owner in order to make yours for JiggingAvailable from 35 to 120lbs for any kind of jigs...
9.30€ 8.40€
Brand: STONFO Model: S380491568
From Stonfo a bait station designed to meet the many needs of fisherman. Its structure in durable plastic is perfectly rounded and has no sharp edges. The compartment can hold various bait boxes or tools in a stable position. Other important features make this bait tray a well equipped working..
Brand: DAIWA Model: SKDAJBR830
Excellent braid from DAIWA for demanding fishing.. With circular profile that surprises and delivers excellent flow to the drivers. Super Smooth, low water absorption, zero elasticity. An 8X Braid from Daiwa with excellent value for money...
Braid Major Craft DANGAN 8x MC 300m
-10 %
From Major Craft a braid with very good behavior for all techniques...Dangan is made in Japan. It has flawless and silent scrolling in the guides and excellent setting in the reels. It is colorful with a colour change every 10m Has low water absorption. A modern braid for all the techniques from ..
38.95€ 35.00€
Brand: SHIMANO Model: KAI8M150
The new Shimano Kairiki 8 is a renewed 8 carrier braid which is produced in Japan and now features a “VT construction Method” braiding technology. It is a very strong and smooth PE line which is perfect for casting great distances. It is available in diameters from 0.06mm up to 0.42mm with a..
Brand: SHIMANO Model: KAI8M300
The new Shimano Kairiki 8 is a renewed 8 carrier braid which is produced in Japan and now features a “VT construction Method” braiding technology. It is a very strong and smooth PE line which is perfect for casting great distances. It is available in diameters from 0.06mm up to 0.42mm with a..
Brand: SUFIX Model: S3028904
Round and smooth braided line from Sufix.Eight carriers construction of thin HMPE fibers creates a super strong, thin braided line that has high abrasion resistance and superb knot and shock strength.R8 Precision Braiding technology with a high tension weaving process results in a round, supple an..
Brand: SUFIX Model: S3028902
Excellent 8X braid from Sufix...The braided R8 technology from Sufix provides incredible power, excellent mechanisms, cylindrical cross section and excellent density. The braid is made of 8 fibers (7 x Dyneema and 1x Core Performance) and 32 knit per inch.A very good suggestion from Sufix to fi..
Brand: YGK Model: S3058916
Excellent braid from the Japanese Yozami to 300m multicolor. YGK G-Soul is 8X. It is colorful ,with change of color every 10m.It is extremely strong in the knot. A very powerful and quality choice for all techniques...
Brand: YGK Model: S3058926
YGK G-soul X8 upgrade line has the most advanced material braided by the most advanced technology to offer great line It has smooth surface and the smallest line diameter. It employs the most advanced filament, Ultra 2 PE, to achieve about 40% more maximum strength compared to standard spectra ..
Brand: STONFO Model: S990403518
Instant cyanoacrylate rig glue suitable for: joining nylon, fluorocarbon and braided line,mounting beads on the line, fixing connectors and bushes on the tips, strengthening knots, tying flies and tube flies . Bottle with very accurate applicator. Perishable product store in the fridge. The bo..
Brand: COLMIC Model: S395502011
Quality neck bandana for winter fishing.Fleece & warm material.Color Blue.One size...
Brand: COLMIC Model: S395502001
From Colmic a quality wooly beany for your winter fishing.Color BlackOne size...
Brand: OWNER Model: S264400
From Owner- Cultiva change up Head fro your TAI Rubber Jig.Excellent scheme for low center of gravity form realizes stable fall posture & easy to bottom up. It is possible to retrieve while pulling resistance is small and feeling water pressure at constant speed.  Excellent flushing effect ..
Brand: OWNER Model: S834401091
Smart storage case for Tai-Rubber heads. It has adhesive strips on which the heads rest and are firmly fixed. With many adjustable dividers, transparent cover and handy and safe closure. Dimensions : 20,5 x 14,5 x 25cm..
Cultiva Full Finger Game gloves
Out Of Stock
Brand: OWNER Model: S394496918
Precise construction from quality materials that are double stitched, and designed to protect your hands from injury caused during battle by leaders and traces during the landing of serious fish.Tthese gloves are the perfect companion for game fishing and jigging enthusiasts.Precise constructi..
Brand: OWNER Model: S274400913
If you create your own TAI Rubber rigs, from Owner-Cultiva ready tied hooks to finish it.The hooks are lightweight feature useful for technical and extremely loud for any prey.The thread is Taff Wire cored with fluorocarbon  and has 70 lbs resistance.Very good product that will not betray you a..
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