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Braid POWER PRO 4X 455m
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Brand: POWER PRO Model: PPBI455
With the quality of Power Pro one of the best 4X yarns for all techniques depending on the diameter. Power Pro has applied the ultimate combination of modern technology and long-term fishing experience. The production process starts with the very strong knitted fibers Spectra where enhanced Body..
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Braid Power Pro SUPER 8 SLICK 275m
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Brand: POWER PRO Model: PPBIS8S275
The 8X version of Power Pro is called 8 Slick... An ultra-circular braid where the 8-strand structure delivers incredibly soft flow to your quides while giving you a sense of line. As result strong castings, strength in the knot and durability. The 8 slick has excellent power-diameter match. ..
from 54.00€
Brand: ASSO Model: BIGCA45
Very good fishing line fluorocarbon 100% from ASSO...Strong in the knot, will not disappoint you in fishing where we need to have confidence in the equipment we will use. For various techniques depending on the diameter with excellent price-quality ratio..
from 10.80€
Brand: ASSO Model: PRIMO600
With a unique quality-price ratio the new ASSO Primo 660m is a leader for your Surf-Casting fishing.. The new ASSO Primo in 600m is ideal for filling your mechanisms for fishing from the shore or the boat.The fishing line is white with excellent price-quality ratio...
from 3.60€
Brand: ASSO Model: SUPERFL50
This excellent this fishing line has been applied with the latest fluorocarbon technologyDue to the new copolymer PVDF material, this fishing line can reach the durability and softness of a high quality Nylon line while maintaining all the characteristics of a 100% Fluorcarbon (invisible) line. Try..
from 10.80€
Brand: ASSO Model: ULCAST300
Excellent line for the filling of your reels from ASSO.Flurocarbon-coated for high transparency in water, resistance to knots and high resistance test in Kg. Line has Parallel Spooling...
from 7.20€
Brand: ASSO Model: ULSTRE150
Try this line of ASSO fluorocarbon coated.The low stretch will give you maximum sensitivity, incredible resistance to the knot and enough resistance for the battle with strong opponents on your fishing.Coated Fluorocarbon offers you a longer life.Use depending on the diameter for filling ree..
from 7.20€
Brand: ASSO Model: ULSOFT300
From ASSO a very reliable line for filling your reelsUltra Soft is Fluorocarbon Coated that gives at Surf-Casting more Strength , Low Memory and more castability.Another excellent product from ASSO that helps you for an ideal fishing ...
from 7.20€
The new line from Asso Ultracast 1000m is here.Use Ultracast to fill your reels.Very strong at the knot with low memoryAn excellent line for any casting fishing method...
from 10.80€
The DSC technology protects the line absording the water and the double silicon coated gives the line strength to the knot and more life.From Carbotex a value for money line. Be sure this product will be your partner at many fishing methods...
from 4.50€
Brand: CARBOTEX Model: KAL-COR150
A classic line from Carbotex for general use.Made by Carbon Texture technology that gives you duration in time, knot strength and recistance to UV rays.German technology with Japanese raw materials...
from 5.80€
Brand: CARBOTEX Model: KAL-COR300
A classic line from Carbotex for general use with 300m in spool.Made by Carbon Texture technology that gives you duration in time, knot strength and recistance to UV rays.German technology with Japanese raw materials...
from 9.50€
Brand: OWNER Model: S304410
Very good line for filling your reelsStrong with excellent behavior in your knots and shots.From Japanese Owner an excellent choice...
from 16.00€
Brand: SAKANA Model: 500900
Excellent fishing line from SAKANA to fill your reels for Surf casting. Coated with Flurocarbon for greater durability on your fishing. Time-resistant with low memory and knot resistance. Just try it...
from 14.40€
Brand: SAKANA Model: GOLD30
If you had distinguished Sakana gold for its performance, the new line Sakana Gold will offer you even better... New Smart packaging. Even greater strength in the knot. Absolute invisibility in the water. Excellent structure of materials for non-retaining water and rapid immersion. An excellent..
from 10.80€
Brand: SAKANA Model: SPECIAL100
Excellent Fluorocarbon line coated by the Japanese SAKANA. Terribly strong in knots .Use her for leader in various techniques and harness her power. ..
Brand: SHIMANO Model: EX150
Very good fishing line from the Shimano ... For many techniques ,made in Japan.Extremely economical for your fishing without compromising on quality.Wear resistance, low elongation, knot strength and low memory some of its features. ..
from 4.50€
Brand: SHIMANO Model: ULTFLRC150
A high quality Japanese fluorocarbon line from Shimano made from different levels to withstand friction. Its fast-paced draught ensure that your rigging is properly managed, while its soft exterior mattress delivers excellent performance. ULTEGRA is certified by EFTTA and comes in a special packa..
from 9.00€
Brand: SUFIX Model: S3028090
Advance from Sufix is a very resistant to friction and wear time, flexible, sensitive, memory-free and easy to use. It has a very strong and durable outer casting, which is a complex of HMPE and polyamide molecules, processed with the Sufix Magnetic Extrusion Process. At the same time it is ..
from 10.10€
Brand: SUFIX Model: S3028010
100% Fluorocarbon from SUFIX that literally disappears into the water. Superior in strength and endurance that sinks quickly .150m to allow multiple applications. Use it even for filling reels...
from 11.99€
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