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Brand: STONFO Model: S380401
Bait clip, device to secure bait during cast. In conditions where  we need long cast and big length of our rig.Size 1: For Line Diameter from 0,15mm to 0,35mm  & Size 2: For Line Diameter from 0,40mm to 0,60mm..
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Bait Clip Top One
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Brand: TOPONE Model: TOP2030-064
Bait clip, device to secure bait during cast. In conditions where  we need long cast and big length of our rig...
Bait Knife Rapala RSB4BX
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Brand: RAPALA Model: S382801004
An indispensable tool, this knife with 4" (10cm)  blade features serrated upper blade and razor sharp, butt to tip blade. The perfect size for preparing bait and performing other boatside tasks. Includes open sheath for safe storage. Lanyard ready, or hang from sheath loop for one-hande..
Brand: TOPONE Model: TOP3219
From Top One Bait Needle INOX in 2 sizes 10cm & 18cm.Diameter is 9mm and the tip is circle...
Brand: TOPONE Model: TOP3301
From Top One bait needle INOX in 2 sizes 15cm & 20cm.The diameter is 9mm and the  tip is spiky & sharp...
Brand: TOPONE Model: TOP3308-18
From TOP ONE Bait Needle 18cm.Very spiky tip and hole behind for the hook.The diameter of the needle is 1.0mm...
Bait Needle TOP ONE 3322-20
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Brand: TOPONE Model: TOP3322-20
From Top One bait needle with length 20cm.Very spiky tip and handle hold behind.The diameter of the needle is 0,9mm.Color Yellow...
Bait Needle TOP ONE 3330-23
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Brand: TOPONE Model: TOP3300-23
From Top ONE INOX bait needle 23cm.Very spiky tip and glow handle behind.Diameter of the needle is 0,90mm...
Brand: UNO Model: S387203552
From Uno boilies needle.Strong Plastic handle  & length 11,5cm...
Brand: STONFO Model: S3804232
A quality bait needle from Stonfo with hook support.You will find available the thinner one with length 12cm & 20cm and Φ 0,6mm and the fatest one with length 12cm & 20cm and Φ 1.0mm.Blister with 2pcs...
from 3.15€
Bait Tray Jolly Stonfo ART.568
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Brand: STONFO Model: S380491568
From Stonfo a bait station designed to meet the many needs of fisherman. Its structure in durable plastic is perfectly rounded and has no sharp edges. The compartment can hold various bait boxes or tools in a stable position. Other important features make this bait tray a well equipped working..
Brand: UNO Model: S3822523
Cross transparent beads from Uno.Use size 3 x 5 for max. line 0,50mm and size 4,7 x 6 for max.line 0,70mm...
Brand: OWNER Model: S3844033
From Owner soft green beads.UV Color.No 3 is 1,3mm and at the package you will find 28pcs.No 4 is 1,6mm and you will find 24pcs...
from 1.90€
Brand: UNO Model: S3822522
From Uno glow Beads for many applications at your fishing.Available soft & hard in 3 sizes...
from 0.50€
Beads UNO Soft Black
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Brand: UNO Model: S3822524
Soft beads in black color for Surf Casting and other fishing methodsAvailable 2 sizes...
Behr Back Pack 56-630 01
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Brand: BEHR Model: S386156631
All-round backpack of excesses.Suitable for all fishing activities.One center pocket , 3 pockets at front and 2 at the sides left & right.Strong, wide and thick padded shoulder strap and a sturdy, well padded cymbal support with Festzurr strap.Dimensions:  Approx. 60 x 55 x 25cm. Volu..
Behr Back Pack 56-630 02
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Brand: BEHR Model: S386156632
A great fishing and leisure at real affordable price.Four outer pockets, secure attachment for Telescopic rods or landing net, there is an extra strong, padded and adjustable carry strapAt the lower level chiller compartment. Dimensions: approx. 47 x 34 x 27cm, Volume: approx. 40 litres..
Brand: BEHR Model: S386111931
In order to organize your Rigs from Behr rig boards.In the package you will find 5 different colors...
Brand: BEHR Model: S3861110
From Behr neopren velcro straps to transport and care  your 2pcs or three pcs rods.Neoprene material and velcro buckle.Available two sizes to select depends  the type of rods...
from 1.80€
Brand: BEHR Model: S3961800
From Behr thermal functional lightweight underwear complete set shirt & legging.Softer fabric and a better fit. Double knit fabric transports moisture to keep you dry and traps heat to keep you warm. Performance waistband. Material: 55% Baumwolle, 45% Poly-amid ..
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