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Snap FishBite Hook Black
Out Of Stock
Brand: FISHBITE Model: S41411510
Classic snap from Fish Bite reliable & strong with a very good price.For use to many fishing methods...
from 0.60€
Brand: FISHBITE Model: S41411010
From Fish Bite a secure snap for many fishing methods.Strong and easy open - close ..
from 0.60€
Brand: FISHBITE Model: S4141052
A classic "T" swivel from Fish Bite.Use it at Pole Fishing or as a component to make your own rig.Diferrent sizes to select...
from 0.80€
Swivel impressed rolling TopOne with safety snap
Out Of Stock
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM3021
Classic swivel with safety snap from TopOne...For several techniquesStrong with value of money..
from 1.60€
Brand: OWNER Model: S4144040
Excellent swivel from Owner Crane...Strong test for all fishing typesBig size,small swivel..
Brand: OWNER Model: S4144080
With the quality of Owner for many techniques...Strong double swivelBig size,small swivel..
Swivel TopOne Crane
Out Of Stock
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM1901
Excellent swivel with great resistance from TopOne....From coast or from boatHigh test resistance for all your fishing techniques...
from 0.80€
Swivel TopOne Cross Line Rolling
Out Of Stock
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM1024
The well known swivel from Topone with very strong test ...In 6sizes for all your techniquesPackage: 10 or 12 pcsTest kg : from 27 to 47..
from 1.60€
Swivel TopOne rolling
Out Of Stock
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM1002
Enhanced rolling swivel from TopOne...For several techniques..
from 0.90€
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