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Rod Colmic GIGHEN Pole-Telescopic
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Brand: COLMIC Model: S2055013
Telescopic rod 100% reliable, features a tubular tip and cross reinforced carbon, perfect for both river and saltwater fishing.CodeLenghtCasting WeightWeightTransportation LenghtS2055013215,00mMax 20gr210gr135cmS2055013226,00mMax 20gr278gr135cmS2055013237,00mMax 20gr357gr135cm..
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Rod Shimano ALIVIO Pole-Telescopic
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Light and strong ALIVIO in a very honest price!Constructed  at XT30 carbon and weight only 200gr will not disappoint you.CodeLenghtCasting WeightWeightTransportation LenghtALCXTE5505,00m4-20gr252gr135cmALCXTE5606,00m4-20gr323gr136cm..
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Rod Shimano CATANA 8.00m Pole-Τelescopic
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Brand: SHIMANO Model: CATEXTE580
From Shimano and Catana series an excellent telescopic rod for Pole FishingMade by XT40 Shimano blank.Use foats from 4-20gr..
Rod Shimano VENGEANCE Pole Telescopic
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Brand: SHIMANO Model: VAXTE5
Telescopic Shimano Vengeance rod is an excellent rod with a nice price!Constructed at XT30 carbon and Geofibre .CodeLenghtCasting WeightWeightTransportation LenghtVAXTE5606,00m4-20gr296gr135cmVAXTE5707,00m4-20gr430gr135cm..
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Rod SIM Engineering R-Evolution Pole-Telescopic
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Brand: SIM ENGINEERING Model: S20220110
Light and strong  this pole telescopic rod from Sim Enginnering in a very honest price!Constructed  from new generation carbon will not disappoint you.CodeLenghtCasting WeightWeightTransportation LenghtS2022011055,00m20gr270gr124cmS2022011066,00m20gr380gr124cmS2022011077,00m20gr495gr124cm..
from 41.90€
Rod Uno Pole Fish Hunter
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Brand: UNO Model: S2022010
A value for money Pole rod from Uno.A Fiber Glass solution fou that you're starting now this fishing method.CodeLength OpenWeightTransporation LengthS2022010144 meters205gr115cmS2022010155 meters375gr115cmS2022010166 meters480gr115cmS2022010177 meters660gr115cm..
from 8.40€
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