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Brand: RYOBI Model: ME033102
Very good hook High Carbon Steel from Japanese Ryobi...Excellent barb for Light Casting and Beach LedgeringColor Black nickelAs No is growing,hook is bigger..
Brand: RYOBI Model: ME033109
From the Japanese Ryobi a very good hook ThinBlack Nickel Growing the number, grows the size. ..
Brand: RYOBI Model: ME033110
Thin hook from the Japanese Ryobi Black Nickel Growing size , bigger hook..
Brand: RYOBI Model: ME033112
One more good hook from Ryobi that will make the difference on your fishing ...Almost cicle barb,strong,pointedBlack nickelBig No,big hook..
Brand: RYOBI Model: ME033104
Unique hook from RyobiBlack NickelAs No grows,size is getting bigger..
Brand: RYOBI Model: ME033113
Excellent hook from Ryobi...Almost cicle ,with strong barb.Black nickelBig No,big hook..
Brand: RYOBI Model: ME033100
Very good hook Chinu from Ryobi.. Pointed and strong with the guarantee of the large Japanese manufacturer. As No grows,size gets bigger...
Brand: RYOBI Model: ME033114
Nickel hook from Ryobi...Excellent barb, with double sliceChinu modelBig No,big hook..
Brand: RYOBI Model: ME033107
Chinu hook from Ryobi..Strong-pointed with ringBig No,Big hook..
Brand: RYOBI Model: ME033115
A strong hook from Ryobi...Pointed barbBlack nickelBig No,big hook..
Brand: RYOBI Model: ME033105
Strong hook from RyobiBlack nickelShort shankPointed barbBig No,big hook..
Brand: RYOBI Model: ME0330125M
With maximum cruising depth at 1, 5m... This artificial from the TRAPPERS series of Ryobi will amaze you with its skills with excellent shot, ideal weight. Realistic colors ideal for Greek waters.He wears treble hooks VMC for absolutely dunk. ..
Brand: RYOBI Model: ME03305-6
A lure that must not miss from your collection....Excellent shotLenght : 11,2cm & 13,2cmWeight : 18,4gr & 21gr..
Brand: RYOBI Model: ME033055
From Ryobi excellent artificial.... The Japanese company delivers a very strong sinking artificial that will not disappoint you with its performance. With a length of 15, 5cm and a weight of 40 gr for dynamic shots but also with excellent navigation you will be amazed at the performance of difficu..
Lure Ryobi Trapper MO MEGA Minnow 83mm
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Brand: RYOBI Model: ME033051
The TRAPPER series of RYOBI extends with a lure... We recommend it for hesitant hunters. Colors ideal for Greek waters.Versatile shape with excellent cruising. Treble Hooks VMC...
Brand: RYOBI Model: ME033054-60
The popular TRAPPER from RYOBI for Dynamic Spinners... The artificial has an excellent shot, ideal weight. Realistic colors ideal for Greek waters. An artificial one that should not be absent from your collection.Length: 14, 3cm and 16, 3cmWeight: 21gr & 29gr ..
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Lure Ryobi Trapper Smart MM 108mm
Out Of Stock
Brand: RYOBI Model: ME033053
Realistic colors....Excellent shotLenght 10,8cm..
Reel Ryobi AMAZON -1000
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Brand: RYOBI Model: ME0330042
By Ryobi an interesting reel at size 1000 with a rear brake. Amazon has a very interesting design.Features with rotor and body made of high-impact graphite composite, Ryobi ELAM system that provides more accurate and equal winding of braided lines and nylon lines on a spool,elements of the main g..
Reel Ryobi AQUAPOWER LT 6500
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Brand: RYOBI Model: ME0330007
From Ryobi AQUAPOWER LT is an excellent choice for Surf Casting fishing method.He is made from Full Metal Carbon that makes him lightweight and 490gr weight.With 7 bearings on board and 1 at the line roller you will have a unique scrolling.Ratio is 5.0:1 και the brake callibration is excellent. The ..
Reel Ryobi ARCTICA 1000
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Brand: RYOBI Model: ME0330028
An aluminum construction derives directly from the valued Zauber model. The standard ratio of 5:1, a great brake, perfect winding of the line and a reel crank perfectly matched to the power of the reel provide pleasant fishing, when you do not have to think about the reel. Arctica corresponds ..
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