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Brand: UNO Model: S836510103
For your floats for Pole or Match fishing nice product from UNO to tranport and store them.Length 25cm ..
Brand: UNO Model: S382285102
Strong small chair from Uno with back.Nice sail and strong metallic material.You can use the chair in order to put a pole also.Easy transportation.Dimensions closed : 55 x 43 cm.Metallic material Φ = 19mm...
Uno Led Deep Drop Underwater Flashing
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Brand: UNO Model: S382200514
From Uno an Led Deep flashing.It works with the touch of water and has life of about 900 hours.You can use it at squid fishing or long line fishing at depth max 700mYou will find line sockets on it The length is 8,6cm and the led color is Glow Green...
Brand: UNO Model: S382224077
A classic plastic cutter from Uno to be available at your tackle boxYou can cut lines, baits etc...
Brand: UNO Model: S482201004
Plier to open the split rings from UNO.Length 12,5cm..
Brand: UNO Model: S3622020
From Uno a classic ready octapus rig with soft crab.Stable sinker , two hooks and swivel.Available here 2 sizes...
Brand: UNO Model: S832260712
A useful rig box from Uno with winders to put your rigs.Ideal for float fishing...
Brand: UNO Model: S4822111
From Uno sleeves to join wires or lines.A usefull accesory for your fishing in diferrent sizes...
Uno Wired Fish Traps
2-3 Days
Brand: UNO Model: S382292002
Classic wired fish traps from UnoPut ground baits inside and move them at sea bed.Available different sizes...
Brand: UNO Model: S3822910
From Uno wired Keep Nets to keep your preys in the water at fishing time.Available different dimensions...
Brand: VERSUS Model: S8354031
The innovative pockets Egi Stocker can meet the needs of each egi fishing from shore or boat. The new generation pockets Egi Stocker is very easy thanks to the slide opening and fixed on to the trays . This way the use of baits is incredibly directly without snag. Naturally they have drainag..
Versus Liquid Pack L-430
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Brand: VERSUS Model: S83544943
A sealed case from Versus best suited for putting on  baits or soft worms. It is a sealed container that does not leak easily, and adopts a large diameter shape that makes it easy for food and worm to take out the takeout port. Designed exclusively for the clear specification that preven..
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Brand: VERSUS Model: S835407370
From Versus an quality tackle box for your boat fishing and not only.Exclusively Japanese top quality.Guarantees only refined raw materialExtremely resistant to fracture even at minus degrees.Highest leveling accuracy for lids, compartment compartments, etc.All metal parts (hinges, etc.) made of sta..
Brand: VERSUS Model: S835407030
Quality tackle box from Versus made from strong material.Inside you will find 2 shelves and at the top you will find a case to store little accesssories.Dimensions : 39 x 22 x 19,5cm...
Brand: VERSUS Model: S835403095
From Versus a small tackle box to store and carry small accessories like hooks-swivels etc.Made by strong plastic material with quality specs.Dimensions : 9,7 x 6,4 x 3cm..
Brand: VERSUS Model: S835403098
From Versus a quality and easy trasport  tackle box to store and carry small accessories like hooks-swivels etc.Made by strong plastic material with quality specs.Dimensions : 12,2 x 8,7 x 4cm..
Brand: BLACK DIAMOND Model: ME05028
For the finish of your rig at spinning ready wire rigs from Black Diamond.With swivel & snap ready to use.Available nickel & black wire and sizes 15cm , 23cm & 30cm...
Brand: UNO Model: S352200008
Classic wire squid Jig from Uno with double hooks & one single hook for fresh bait.Length 17cm...
Brand: UNO Model: S352200009
Classic wire swuid jig for fresh bait.Double strong hooks.Length 15cm...
Japanese quality from Hayabusa in a strong Assist Hook...With braid lenght  2cmStrong hooks for jigs especially for Slow Jigging or Butterfly-Fast Jigging and also Shore JiggingSet of 2 double hooks with solid rings...
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