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Jig Shimano Butterfly COLTSNIPER Fall
Brand: SHIMANO Model: JM20
From Shimano a great jig for Light Shore... With excellent end like most Japanese shot. With holographic eyes.With great cruising in the fall and late Jerks attracts strong prey.Comes equipped with a single assist tethered with Power Pro thread.In 3 weights and 4 colors with different design per f..
from 9.30€
Lure Shimano WAXWING
Brand: SHIMANO Model: WW6/8/11
Waxwing is the next generation of SHIMANO artificial Surface with innovative motion, realistic colors, reinforced Owner's hooks. The two wings above and below the body give incredible "Zick-Zack" cruising that lures the most skeptical prey. Just point the nose of your rod at the Waxwing and start ..
from 12.60€
Reel Daiwa FREAMS
Outlet Free Shipping -20 %
With the FREAMS A the DAIWA engineers succeeded in integrating the innovative MAG SEALED technology in a cheap price range. The MAG SEALED construction in combination with the aluminum reel body ensures a permanently soft and smooth running and an optimal fixation of th..
160.00€ 128.00€
Reel Daiwa THEORY ΗΑ
Outlet Free Shipping -20 %
The Daiwa Theory HA is a spinning reel that is not only packed with technology but is also packed as a mean, lean, fishing fighting machine. In all black, this reel looks every bit as deadly as it performs.Mag SealedGraphite AIR ROTORHardbodyz aluminium bodyTwistbusterDigigearATDInfinite Anti ..
from 132.00€ from 105.00€
Reel Daiwa WINDCAST X 5000
Outlet Free Shipping
Brand: DAIWA Model: SKDAWIX50
The Windcast  X model is the enthusiastic surf casters dream reel.It features 5 of Daiwa's famous CRBB ball bearings for ultra smooth performance and corrosion resistance, Digigear for ultimate cranking power, Airbail and Twistbuster to eliminate line twist. The all new long cast spool design w..
Reel Okuma Metaloid 5NII 2Speed Conventional
3 x monthly installments Outlet Free Shipping -20 %
The Okuma Metaloid 2-Speed Reels are machined aluminum lever drag reels designed for a wide variety of saltwater fishing applications.The key component of the Okuma Metaloid 5NII 2-Speed Reel is obviously the 2-speed mechanism that enables users to switch from a high gear ratio to a powerful..
260.00€ 208.00€
Reel Okuma SALINA 3
3 x monthly installments Outlet Free Shipping -11 %
New Salina III from Okuma... • AlumiLite: Aluminum body construction • Precision Elliptical Gearing system • Quick-Set anti-reverse bearing • Machined aluminum, anodized spool • DFD: Precision Dual Force Drag system • Hydro Block water tight drag seal • Super ..
from 188.00€ from 167.99€
Reel Quantum SMOKE SPEED Freak BaitCasting
Outlet Free Shipping -23 %
Brand: QUANTUM Model: QUA-0523
The Quantum® Smoke PT™ Speed Freak Low-Profile Baitcast Reel employs a 1-piece aluminum frame for a solid, torque-free foundation, and an aluminum side cover. At its core are 11 PT bearings (10 + clutch) and Quantum's Continuous Anti-Reverse™ for smooth, sure performance. A Micro Infinite A..
189.00€ 145.00€
Reel Shimano BIOMASTER 8000SW
3 x monthly installments Outlet Free Shipping -19 %
Brand: SHIMANO Model: BIO8000SWPG
The ultimate saltwater reel, the Shimano  BioMaster 8000SW PG is a powerful & excellent toolThe low gear ratio makes it ideal for jigging methods and the Shimano BioMaster SW has the power to lift big snappers and groupers from the depths to the surface.Featuring with six shielded A-RB ..
405.00€ 329.90€
3 x monthly installments Outlet Free Shipping -19 %
Brand: SHIMANO Model: ST2500HGFK
The Shimano Stradic FK Spinning Reels utilize the latest technologies in Shimano’s arsenal, while also drawing on the ways of the past. Incredibly lightweight, Shimano’s new HAGANE reel design concept adds a new level of toughness as well for anglers who demand durability from their go-to re..
220.00€ 178.00€
Rod Daiwa SALTIST BAY Slow
3 x monthly installments Outlet Free Shipping -26 %
The Saltist has been designed for slow vertical jigging. This 1.88mm has been especially designed for use with a baitcasting reel, which can be used to vary the speed and behaviour of the jig as you work it up and down from the boat – always keeping a light tension on the line in case of a tak..
215.00€ 159.99€
Rod Okuma DEAD RINGER Spinning 2pcs
Outlet Free Shipping -22 %
Brand: OKUMA Model: SKOKUDR279927
Dead Ringer from OKUMA is a very strong rod for spinning...Made by 100% High Modulus 24 Blank.Light Weight Sic guides for handling the braid or monofilament without problems.Carbon reel seat.Eva with Cork Grip...
83.00€ 64.50€
Rod Shimano BEASTMASTER BX JIG -183MHS-(2pcs)
Outlet Free Shipping -21 % Out Of Stock
Featuring a selected range of vertical jigging rods with versions designed for both fixed spool and multiplier reels, Shimano Beastmaster BX Jigging rods offer top quality at an affordable price.The use of quality fittings ensures that these superb rods will provide many years of reliable performanc..
125.00€ 99.00€
Rod Shimano JIGWREX AX -1.57m -400gr
3 x monthly installments Outlet Free Shipping -23 %
Brand: SHIMANO Model: JWAXC157400
The Jigwrex AX is purpose designed for the fast growing arena of vertical Jigging from boats.Fuji SIC guidesFuji reel seatsXT250/XT100 CarbonEVA grips..
260.00€ 199.00€
Rod Shimano SPEEDMASTER AX 300 ML Spinning 2pcs
Outlet Free Shipping -22 %
Brand: SHIMANO Model: SSM300ML
Speedmaster AX 300ML from Shimano is an excellent spinning Rod for spinning with minnow's or Soft Baits.Features with Shadow Diaflash blank,  Ti-Lite Hardlite Shimano guides and Cork handling you have a very strong partner to your shore spinning method..
160.00€ 125.00€
Rod Shimano ULTEGRA Sensitive -(3pcs)
3 x monthly installments Outlet Free Shipping
The Ultegra Surf Sensitive is designed to detect even the most sensitive bites.It has a solid and long tip,ideal for detecting every bite even the most timid fish.Extremely light and balanced is build in HPC250 carbon enriched with Biofibre.Guides FUJI with ALconite rings.CodeLengthCasting WeightWei..
from 295.00€
Soft Bait Storm So-Run Joker Shad 12,5cm SSRJS04
Outlet -36 %
Brand: STORM Model: S26275404
From the STORM a series of silicones with strong features that will give emotions... Opening the package the So-Run Joker Shad will give you a sense of success.The tail works incredibly and the silicone is "built" from the waist and back in such a way, that the movement of the tail from the rest of..
8.50€ 5.40€
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