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Brand: PREGIO Model: SMKPR2614150
With this braid from Pregio you can fill your small reels for LIGHT GAME techniques such as LRF, EGI etc. The yarn is 8X, it is soft and excellent in texture. It has a light grey color and is 150m. Has excellent performance in the shots with very good glide on the guides of your rod. Available in ..
Strong new Planos from Pregio for Shore and Vertical Jigging... The Razors have amazing cruising in the Fall and extremely aggressive cruising in the Jerks.The colors and dyes are very good and resistant to attacks while they are carefully approaching the conditions of Greek waters.The colors are U..
Brand: PREGIO Model: SMK
From Pregio an excellent planos that will be a surprise to your Shore and light Jigging fishing...Ideal and worked colors for the Greek waters.Hydrodynamic shape that works even in inertia. Very good dyes with UV coating that will employ even the most skeptical prey.Length: 15, 5cm-17cm-18.5 cm Wei..
Mini Jig from Pregio quite economical but highly effective...Target will give you a lot with little money.They are designed for an excellent shot but also incredible "play" in the water.It is sophisticated geometric and with shiny colors that will make the difference in your fishing.They are ready&n..
Pregio fishing Back pack
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Brand: PREGIO Model: SMKPR19-100
The most durable backpack you've ever seen. Durable, waterproof and stunningseams and zippers that are not afraid of salt. The spaces available are unobtrusive and thus serve any shore or boat technique. It has an anatomic back with pillows, reinforced bottom and has many pockets and spaces ..
Pregio rod case Surf 1,65m
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Brand: PREGIO Model: SMKPR13-10027
Quality Surf Rod case from Pregio.Three compartments  with 3 strong zippers.You can carry three surf rods together with the reels.The material is water resistant and you will find also two exterior parttions you can put the pole for the landing net for example.Dimensions : 165 x 35 cm..
Pregio rod Heavy Casting II Plus 2pcs
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Brand: PREGIO Model: SMKPR15-101
Pregio renews the Heavy Casting series with the new reinforced Heavy Casting Plus rod. It has extremely enhanced carbon and hard action. Featured with Fuji guides.The reel base is movable.A reliable product from Pregio, ready to fight with any fish...
Pregio rod Limit EGI 19-0803
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Brand: PREGIO Model: SMKPRLIMEG190803
New rod Limit Eging from the unique brand Pregio. A very technical and quality option that does not cost a fortune, An 100% thoroughbred rod, well-set and crafted with incredible peripherals.t has stunning behavior while fishing squid lures and gives a complete sense of stinging. Pregio's..
Brand: PREGIO Model: SMKPRSK100
From Pregio reliable Skins to make your own TAI-Rubber jigs.Excellent rubber with fantastic colors...
Reel Pregio DAVID 7000
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"David" of Pregio is a model designed to have a price so low, that seem too good to be true, although it remains a decent and handy tool. Despite its low cost, this reel will pleasantly surprise you with its capabilities to surf Casting. You will find it full with line and ready fo..
Reel Pregio HONEST 100 BaitCasting
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Brand: PREGIO Model: SMKPR100HON
From Pregio Honest is a fishing reel, ideal for Tai- Rubber technique.Lightweight only 220grRatio 6.2:1 with retreive per crank 70cmMax Drag Power 4 Kg to pick from depth medium to large fishes.Features with 5 stainless ball bearings for very smooth operation. A new reel which will surpass any of yo..
Reel Pregio MONSTER 10000
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For Heavy Casting fishing method with live bait  a value for money reel.With technical characteristics like:Gear Ratio : 4.3:16+1 Ball bearings18Kg Max Drag PowerKnob from EVA for strength and comfortable holding.You have a weapon at your fishing. Just enjoy him....
Reel Pregio VIRAL
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An economical and reliable set of spinning mechanisms in two basic sizes, 3000 for medium spinning and 5000 for heavy spinning.As a model it has some very good features, such as very weighted operation, very linear brakes, comfortable rotation and increased pulling power. All this contributes ..
Rod Pregio EGI SX 8" (2pcs)
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Brand: PREGIO Model: SMKPR15-650
For Squid Fishing Egi an excellent rod from Pregio....Sensitive tipExcellent qualityWith Sea Guides EGI 2.0-4.0PE 0.8-2.5 ( Ideal Pe 1.0 )..
Rod Pregio LIMIT LRF 2.37m (2pcs)
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It is no coincidence that the name of this rod is Limit from Pregio , since it can honestly fish in ... limits! Extremely sensitive, with a unique feel even with small minnows & poppers , mini jigs or silicone artificial baits Limit is an incredible LRF rod at a price that will excite yo..
Rod Pregio PASSION Hitotsu Tenya
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Brand: PREGIO Model: SMKPRPAHT30755
The name PASSION from  PREGIO is very well known.The new Passion refers to the technique of Hitotsu Tenya the renewed version of the TENYA with sliding heads.Excellent look and functionality to understand all the "contacts" of the baited shrimp. It wears Fuji guides, Fuji reel base and is made ..
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Pregio with this specialized rod for Free Slide and Tai Rubber techniques goes to another level, giving the audience a unique higher class rod. Specifically designed to work fine with the free slide of Hayabusa and every tai rubber, and it will handle perfectly thin braids, PE 0.8 - PE 1.5 a..
Rod Pregio PEGASUS Max 2.10m-(2pcs)
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Brand: PREGIO Model: SMKPR15-450
The new fishing rods from Pregio, that combines unique quality construction with incredible price! This rod shows every bite even in a big depth. It has fast action and great parable, to be able to have strict nailing and no unhook.Pegasus from Pregio is the best choice for boat fishing...
Rod Pregio RIDER Boat -(2pcs)
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Brand: PREGIO Model: SMKPR13
Splendid rods for vertical light fishing , since they are designed to show directly the tweaks even at big depths. We propose the use of thin braid line for vertical fishing in deeper waters.CodeLenghtCasting WeightWeightGuidesTransportation weightSMKPR13-100261401,40m100-500gr290..
Rod Pregio SLOW TEMPO Slow Jigging
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Brand: PREGIO Model: SMKPR18
Overturning from Pregio in Slow Jigging rods.This particular model is designed and built for demanding slow jigging fishing by highly technical fishermen. So soft to the fish but so vivid to the pilker, will really impress everyone with his performance and unique character. Manufactured from 40 to..
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