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Brand: PALS Model: PALS-13020050
Arcas is very nice Head Light with a special price.Plastic housing.Adjustable, elastic head strap.Protection class: IPX6 (waterproof).4+3 light functions like:100% continuous light.50% continuous light.20% continuous light.SOS function.100% continuous flood light.50% continuous flood light.blinking...
PALS SP-86 Rechargeable Head Light.
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Brand: PALS Model: PALS-13020076
From Pals USB Rechargeable head lens. Βrightness: 120Lm.Beam 100m.Possibility ON / OFF with motion sensor. 4 levels of operation. Operating time 6-20 Hours.Ideal for outside activities with IPX5-Protection.800mAh lithium battery .Weight 60gr...
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