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Braid Shimano KAIRIKI 8X 300m Multicolor


Braid Shimano KAIRIKI 8X 300m Multicolor

The new Shimano Kairiki 8 is a renewed 8 carrier braid which is produced in Japan and now features a “VT construction Method” braiding technology.

  • It is a very strong and smooth PE line which is perfect for casting great distances.

  • It is available in diameters from 0.06mm up to 0.42mm with a staggering breaking strength of 46.7kg.

  • It has the perfect properties for spinning in both fresh and saltwater since it is highly sensitive and very smooth, which also results in noise reduction.

  • The Multi Color is especially interesting for fishing at greater depths.

  • Due to the smoothness and low diameter, Kairiki 8 is a great line for jigging or spinning since it has low water resistance and due to the maximum stretch of < 3.0 %, it is very sensitive as well.

Material Braids
Type 8X
Meters 300m
Color Multicolor
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