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Brand: MORIGEN Model: K2
Strong long shank hook from MorigenRinged -Top High CarbonBlack nickelCurved shankBig sizes ..
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 1070B
Top High Carbon from MORIGEN....Bronze colorBeak pointIdeal for Light boat fishing and not just.......
from 2.70€
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 311N
Very good hook from MORIGEN...Use it on Light Boat fishing or Casting..
from 2.25€
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 363BN
Strong hook from MORIGEN....From boat and not just.Cicle..
from 2.70€
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 443BN
From Japanese Morigen..A very fine hook with Top High Carbon for Match and Bolognese fishing..
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 5213N(B2)
Strong nickel hook from MorigenTop High CarbonCurved shank-ringedWith barbs..
from 3.60€
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 624BN
Excellent Hook from Morigen...Forged, High Carbon, crooked nose. For techniques that equipment must count. In a full range of sizes...
from 2.70€
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 625N
Very good hook from MorigenIronTop High CarbonNickelFor several techniques...
from 2.70€
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 628BN-B
Top hook from Morigen in big sizesIronTop High CarbonRingedBlack nickelCurved shank..
from 3.60€
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 628BN
Top hook from MorigenIronTop High CarbonRingedCurved shank..
from 2.70€
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 634BN
Very good hook from MorigenTop High CarbonBlack nickelFine and strong..
from 2.70€
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 680BN
Excellent hook from MorigenTop High CarbonBlack nickelWith baitholder..
from 3.15€
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 680N
Nickel hook from MorigenTop High CarbonWith Baitholder..
from 3.15€
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 729N
Excellent hook from MorigenTop High CarbonNickelCurved ShankWith baitholder..
from 2.70€
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 739G
Gold cicle hook from MorigenTop High CarbonIronCurved shank..
from 2.70€
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 777BN
Very good hook from MorigenTop High CarbonBlack NickelSeveral sizes..
from 4.50€
Brand: MORIGEN Model: 809BN
The new proposal of the Japanese Morigen with live baits will surprise you... The 809BN series can be used in trolling with guard pencil and other techniques from the boat or the coast. The quality is excellent from High Carbon.Available from sizes 01-8/0 for all applications on your fishing.A qua..
from 2.70€
Brand: MORIGEN Model: AD855
Excellent hook from MorigenBlack nickelIronDouble cut on curved barb..
from 3.15€
Ready Rig with 2 hooks MORIGEN 1070B
Hot Out Of Stock
Brand: MORIGEN Model: R1070B
Ready rig from Morigen....With hooks 1070B from same companyHandmade with line Sakana Special..
Brand: MORIGEN Model: R624BN
Ready rig with 2 hooks from Morigen..With hooks from same companyHandmade with Sakana line..
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