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Float Cralusso SLIDER with Side Leader

Float Cralusso SLIDER with Side Leader

Floats without self-weight, which can be attached to the slider, featuring a polycarbonate stem, guaranteed to stay straight; will not bend even if exposed to direct sunlight.

  • Cralusso's patented, Genius-prize solution, the popular calibration was integrated into these revolutionary new, bodiless floats.

  • Thanks to the slim body and exchangeable antennas, these floats are highly sensitive. 

  • With the own-developed calibration solution used in these fishing floats, the fastest and most accurate antenna setting is possible.

  • Easy to use, with moving stem. With the stem pushed in the float will sink deeper, if pulled out, it will lift upward.

  • The setting can be verified on the calibration scale with a 0,05 grading on the stem.

  • Even the most sensitive antenna settings can be achieved easily, rapidly and repeatedly with the calibration solution.

  • The polyurethane float body and polycarbonate stem resists damage. 

Float Type Unweighted
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