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Acids in powder Ellevi Mullet/Bream 125gr
Out Of Stock
Brand: ELLEVI Model: ELG125
Acids in powder from Italian Ellevi for adding in your groundbaits...Ideal for attracting mullets and breamsAdd 2,5%-5% of total groundbait's weight Package of 125gr..
Brand: RAMEAU Model: ME0805922
Work with the groundbaits and maggots with this bait box from Rameau.Usefull because you can find a seive to strain the grounbait and you can also transport the maggots inside. ..
6.50€ 5.99€
Bait Box Uno
Out Of Stock
Brand: UNO Model: S8322500
In order to carry maggots.Cap with small holes.Two sizes available for you : Small 8,5 x 10cm , Large 10,5 x 12cm..
from 1.30€
Brand: BEHR Model: S386111931
In order to organize your Rigs from Behr rig boards.In the package you will find 5 different colors...
Brand: BEHR Model: S3861110
From Behr neopren velcro straps to transport and care  your 2pcs or three pcs rods.Neoprene material and velcro buckle.Available two sizes to select depends  the type of rods...
from 1.80€
Brand: OWNER Model: S704402001
Braid from Owner for making stopper...Color redLength 5mFor Match fishing,bologneze etc..
Brand: CRALUSSO Model: CR2122
The success of fishing lies in the details and the fishing equipment.Excelent Brass float snap.Available in two sizes Small & Medium...
Brand: Teriko Model: TERP2
Strong catapult from Teriko for groundbait.Extra strong metallic arms , elastics and pouch...
Brand: STONFO Model: S3804209
Soft pouches with antiskid grip. Suitables for Xseries and ProMatch catapults. Supplied with 2 cable ties...
from 2.70€
Brand: STONFO Model: S38042040
Catapult designed for precise casting at long and medium distance. Very strong frame and special soft grip pouch. Spare elastics included...
from 6.50€
Brand: STONFO Model: S38042035
Competition catapults with soft touch handle. Allow maximum precision with a minimum quantity of bait. Equipped with elastic saving Ptfe bushes. Available in 2 different sizes ...
from 8.10€
Brand: COLMIC Model: S8355600
Organize your rigs with these EVA Spools bobine.Many dimensions , just select yours...
from 0.30€
Brand: COLMIC Model: S395502011
Quality neck bandana for winter fishing.Fleece & warm material.Color Blue.One size...
Brand: COLMIC Model: S395502001
From Colmic a quality wooly beany for your winter fishing.Color BlackOne size...
Brand: STONFO Model: S38040239
From Italian Stonfo coniform rubber tails. Suitable for surf-casting and carp-fishing to avoid tangles. Available in three different sizes...
Brand: CRALUSSO Model: CR2001
You have surely encountered the problem, when the antennas could not be replaced, or could be replaced only to a limited extent. Though you have many floats and antennas, you cannot combine them with one another. Cralusso managed to develop an antenna system  successfully that solves ..
Brand: CRALUSSO Model: CR2006
For the fastening of floats Cralusso developed this anti-tangle waggler attachment, which keeps the line away from our float. It is important to remember, that due to its asymmetric shaping it can only be recommended for waggler floats above 10-12gr or Rocket type floats. Available  2 s..
Brand: CRALUSSO Model: CR2014
Cralusso's development is this sliding float type float fixing set, which realizes a simpler solution for fixing conventional tear-drop floats on the fishing line. The kit offers finely processed, unique quality attachments for various diameter carbon and fiber-glass floats. The kit contains 8 attac..
Brand: CRALUSSO Model: CR2002
You can find here a set with Dart Antenna's from CralussoPackage with 3 pcs..
Cralusso set HALLOW Antenna's
Out Of Stock
Brand: CRALUSSO Model: CR20031H
From Cralusso a set with Hallow Antenna's.Thanks to the calibration solution of Cralusso floats, the antenna can be accurately adjusted in a second.Package with 6 pcs and different colors...
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