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Brand: OWNER Model: S41440700
From Owner a snap that counts when the resistance is necessaryStainless steelEasy change of lureGreat resistance-test..
Brand: FISHBITE Model: S41411510
Classic snap from Fish Bite reliable & strong with a very good price.For use to many fishing methods...
Brand: FISHBITE Model: S41411010
From Fish Bite a secure snap for many fishing methods.Strong and easy open - close ..
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM2003
Strong hooked  snap from TopOne.Use this snap for several fishing methods...
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM3805
For heavy fishing,Jigging,Trolling and deep Light boat fishingThis swivel with snap is the best you can chooseThe swivel is ball bearing with great resistance..
Brand: FISHBITE Model: S4141012
Classic swivel for all fishing methodsMany sizes to select each time...
Brand: FISHBITE Model: S4141141
Α classic Swivel together with Snap product.For many fishing methods. At available choices and the field 'Test Kg' the first Number is the test in Kg  of the swivel and the second Number is the test in Kg of the snap...
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM3021
Classic swivel with safety snap from TopOne...For several techniquesStrong with value of money..
Brand: OWNER Model: S4144040
Excellent swivel from Owner Crane...Strong test for all fishing typesBig size,small swivel..
Brand: OWNER Model: S4144080
With the quality of Owner for many techniques...Strong double swivelBig size,small swivel..
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM3022
Excellent swivel with snap from TopOne.For strong fishing great rolling swivel with hooked snap from Coast or Boat9 sizes for you to choose ..
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM1707
Classic Swivel from Top One.Many sizes to select for any fishing method...
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM1901
Excellent swivel with great resistance from TopOne....From coast or from boatHigh test resistance for all your fishing techniques...
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM1024
The well known swivel from Topone with very strong test ...In 6sizes for all your techniquesPackage: 10 or 12 pcsTest kg : from 27 to 47..
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM1025
Swivel from TopOne for Light Boat Fishing..You can put Joints on your rigFor several line's diameters ..
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM1027
Excellent swivel with pear breads from TopOne...Use it for your rigs from coast or boat..
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM1002
Enhanced rolling swivel from TopOne...For several techniques..
Brand: OWNER Model: S4144090
Excellent swivel with snap from Owner...Strong with double swivel Crane type and also snap quick openingIn 4 sizes with 12pcs each..
Brand: TOPONE Model: YM1014
Enhanced double rolling swivel from TopOne...Quick releaseUse it on weightsBig test kg...
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