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Versus Waist Case VS-5010


Versus Waist Case VS-5010

From Versus waist case ideal for small artificial baits.

  • The case has a belt that opens with one tap.
  • It has a handy large clasp and embossed Worm Slit cap, so the soft baits don't stick to it and wear out.
  • It has two sections in one of which there are detachable partitions with special notches to hang small artificial baits.
  • The lids are also carrying cases for small objects.
  • There's a pliers case on the side.
  • Together you will also receive 3 ZIP bags for storing e.g. soft baits with oil.
  • Dimensions : 26.6cm x 10cm x 10cm

Group Transport
Type Lure-Jigs Cases
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