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Squid Jig Shimano Sephia Rattle Clintch #3.0

Squid Jig Shimano Sephia Rattle Clintch #3.0

From the Japanese company a new series of squid jigs to acquire the eging in another dimension.

  • Shimano presents exceptional colors and fabrics that will make a difference in your egging fishing.
  • The Rattle clinch squid jig  has ideal navigation and for the first time the internal noise-producing balls are placed in 2 glass chambers, resulting in stability and sound even when standing on the seabed.
  • The hooks are very strong and do not forgive.
  • You will find them available in 8 colors for all conditions, with size #3.0, length 12cm and weight 15gr while sinking time is 3sec/m.

Material Squid Jigs
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