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Squid Jig DTD Panic Fish Bukva #2.5

Squid Jig DTD Panic Fish Bukva #2.5

If you are looking for an excellent squid jig, for the fishing of squids from the boat and why not from the coast the Panic Fish of DTD has these features that you are looking for.

  • Basically you will receive a squid jig capable depending on your choice for two different plies.
  • A classic sail like all kind  squid jigs and one after you easily add the tail that includes in the package with shaking (wobbling).
  • During the others the Panic Fish simulates injured small fish with added crackle (noise) and wears all the characteristics of the Croatian company.
  • The sheer contrast in the body allows the rays of the sun to penetrate the body and for the evening time the squid jig is glow.
  • The hooks are strong as the swivels that are stainless steel.

Its length is 7cm and the weight is 10, 6gr

The immersion speed is 6, 5sec/

Material Squid Jigs
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