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Squid Jig DTD Gamberino #3.0

Squid Jig DTD Gamberino #3.0

DTD's new squid jig "Gamberino"  will make the difference because it's a faithful imitation of shrimp.

  • Its movement is absolutely natural and in this it helps the movement of the "legs" that assist with the movement of your rod, elevate the squid to such a level that it is impossible to resist the squid. In the positive spots and that the legs are UV.
  • The fabric is now glossy with colors that make the difference in the day and at night the DTD took care of a "blue" phosphor that has no rival and Orange on its side to attract fishing in another level.
  • Gamberino squid jig hooks  are stainless steel and they do not forgive.
  • The ring is extremely strong.
  • Gamberino produces sound.
  • The length is :  9, 6cm.
  • The weight is : 14,3gr
  • The sinking speed is : 6,5cm/sec

Material Squid Jigs
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