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Snap FishBite Hook Black
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Brand: FISHBITE Model: S41411510
Classic snap from Fish Bite reliable & strong with a very good price.For use to many fishing methods...
from 0.60€
Brand: FISHBITE Model: S41411010
From Fish Bite a secure snap for many fishing methods.Strong and easy open - close ..
from 0.60€
Brand: FISHBITE Model: S4141052
A classic "T" swivel from Fish Bite.Use it at Pole Fishing or as a component to make your own rig.Diferrent sizes to select...
from 0.80€
Brand: FISHBITE Model: S4141141
Α classic Swivel together with Snap product.For many fishing methods. At available choices and the field 'Test Kg' the first Number is the test in Kg  of the swivel and the second Number is the test in Kg of the snap...
from 1.00€
Brand: FISHBITE Model: S4141130
Α Classic Swivel together with snap from Fishbite.You can use it at many fishing methods.At available  choises at field Test Kg the first number is the test of swivel and the second number is the test of the snap...
from 1.00€
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