We would like to inform you that for the company Vounatsos Achilles under the name Way2Fish and www.way2fish.gr online store based in Kallithea Athens Greece  adress on str.Arapaki 103 17675 with VAT EL031900508 is  major importance to protect the privacy of our customers.

For this reason we take the most appropriate measures continuously to protect these data both those who collect on our behalf and those that collect on behalf of others and always in the context of our obligations legal framework on the protection of personal data.

Also we would like to inform you that a basic condition for us and be binding towards you is that we do not keep personal information of minors and do not sell any product to minors unless there is written consent guardian-s.

Cookies Policy.

Also, when we collect your personal information in the context of a transaction, we may extract some information about that transaction in a non-identifiable format and combine it with other non-identifiable information, e.g. data clickstream. This information is used and analyzed only at an aggregate level, in order to understand trends and patterns. This information is not reviewed at an individual level.

The purpose of processing personal data.

There are cases that we will not be able to take action e.g. sales order, deliveries if we have no specific personal data.
To proceed to execute your orders we will need:

    1. Your name and your surname as reference point for the purpose of order processing retail documents,receipts, written and nominal guarantee into concrete products.
    2. The address or the address of your business like a reference point location of delivery
    3. The identification number in case invoicing.
    4. The number of landline phone you like channel of communication concerning your orders.
    5. Your mobile phone number as a channel of communication concerning your orders.
    6. Your e-mail address (e-mail) for faster updates and status of your orders. (Order Schedule).

All above information is necessary for the smoothness of our cooperation but also for the prevention and safety of both parties.

Create user account through our website.

To have transaction and to put an order will need to give us your e-mail address and from you set passwords.

Credit cards-Paypal.

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Create a member account.

You can buy from our online store with quick order method without creating an account.

If you create an account and on the basis of the above, you will be able:

Lawful processing of personal data.

That we transmit your data.

Data storage time.

What you like to do with your personal data.

If you create an account like user you can edit by menu GDPR tools: