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Dear friends
Wanting to do your shopping from our site even more competitive, at regular intervals, we give you the possibility to take advantage of our discount coupons.
How the discount coupons policy works:

a) We select specific products or total product categories involved in this discount policy.

b) We give this action a unique code and the start and end date of the action.
c) You when you make an order or orders for these products and for the duration of the action when you arrive at the integration process of the order use this code and redeem the voucher to earn the discount for you.
Do so click on this link and almost always there will be for you a coupon to redeem.

Discount COUPON in FORCE from 01 of July to 31 of August 2019
Discount Coupon Code: TEXNITA (caps-english)
For the period 01/07/2019 to 31/08/2019 buying products from category LURES and using the above coupon code
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