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Squid Jig Rapala IKADO #2.5

Squid Jig Rapala IKADO #2.5

Rapala Ikado Squid Jig sets itself apart from the others thanks to a revolutionary "Swing Weight System" (SWS).

  • This proprietary system features interchangeable weights that allow anglers to adjust the casting weight and sinking speed without sacrificing the balance and action of the lure.

  • This free swing weight guarantees perfect balance at all times.

  • Weights can be adjusted for desired presentation and you can use them from boat squid fishing.

  • Each Rapala Ikado 101 comes packaged with two differing weights, one of which is rigged and ready to go. To change the weight, simply remove the clip on the front of the jig, slide off the old weight, and slide on the new weight and re-attach the clip.

Material Squid Jigs
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