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Brand: DTD Model: DTD1083
From the Croatian company a new series of squid jigs that will make a difference for the fishing of squids from your boat.With colors that liken Mediterranean fish and excellent sailing just try the series "Bloody Fish".The red side touch on the fabric simulates injured fish.The red phosphorus is pa..
Brand: DTD Model: DTD20505
DTD's new squid jig "Gamberino"  will make the difference because it's a faithful imitation of shrimp.Its movement is absolutely natural and in this it helps the movement of the "legs" that assist with the movement of your rod, elevate the squid to such a level that it is impossible to resist t..
Brand: DTD Model: DTD80013
Strong Squid Jig from DTD.. Vivid colorsSoft luminous bodyStrong hooks 2Weight 3,2grLengh 5,5cm   ..
Brand: DTD Model: DTD10134
If you are looking for an excellent squid jig, for the fishing of squids from the boat and why not from the coast the Panic Fish of DTD has these features that you are looking for.Basically you will receive a squid jig capable depending on your choice for two different plies.A classic sail like all ..
Brand: DTD Model: DTD20805RFO30
Top model that imitates live mediterranean fish, together with great balance result is great catching ability. Fish parasite is a sign of weak, slow fish, easy to catch. With 2 weights, sinking position is improved a lot and squid jig is brilliantly balanced!Inner weight is desig..
Brand: DTD Model: DTD8080
Soft Real Fish by DTD imitates live mediterranean fishes and comes in 5 colors.Silicone is red glow and by many fishermen red glow is ideal glow for fishing when there is full moon (few days before and few days after also) Mediterranean natural fishNatural colorsSkin effectRed luminous sili..
Brand: DTD Model: DTD8065
This product has many amazing characteristics and we would like to point out extra softness and great visibility in sea due to special white cloth.Red luminous siliconeFluo color on headExtra soft bodyGreat shapeStrong durable clothStrong inox hooksWeight : #1,5-3,2gr / #2-5,2gr / #2,5-7,4grLen..
Brand: DTD Model: DTD20515
The Red Shrimp series by DTD will give you magical moments in squid fishing from the coast.The body simulates natural shrimp and the UV legs give even greater persuasiveness to the navigation.The quality of the cloth is given and gives to the squid jig a comfortable scroll to the resistance of the w..
Brand: DTD Model: DTD1014
The new TORO series by DTD for the fishing of squid from the boat is here to give you thrills.With exquisite cloth with shades of pink and zebra simulation stand out from the competition.The navigation is ideal and the balance is ideal for successes.The hooks and the swivel are stainless steel and e..
Squid Jig DTD Weak Fish OITA
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Brand: DTD Model: DTD2082
Idea behind white tail is simple, but very effective. There are 2 characteristics. First one is contrast that natural color vs. white color produce.This product is much more visible in the sea. Another characteristic is signal that squid jig send. White tail is a sign of a weak fish. It ..
Brand: DTD Model: DTD20815
Squid jig with some superb characteristics: Realistic & wounded. This product imitates live mediterranean fishes, together with great balance result is great catching ability. Fish wound is a sign of wounded, weak, slow fish, and it looks like an easy prey. Double weight system perfected..
Brand: DTD Model: SMKHAFS509
Hayabusa's Squid Jig is available in new colours and with the well-known Hayabusa quality.Its movement is perfectly natural, the colors are excellent.In its very positive points the production of sound during its sailing.Her hooks are stainless steel and they don't forgive.The swivel is extremely st..
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