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Brand: COLMIC Model: S8355600
Organize your rigs with these EVA Spools bobine.Many dimensions , just select yours...
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Brand: COLMIC Model: S4155002
From Colmic sliding half swivel with snap to change easy your terminal and making an excellent rig for Surf-Casting.Available in 3 sizes 12-14-16 with size 16 the smaller one...
Brand: COLMIC Model: S395502011
Quality neck bandana for winter fishing.Fleece & warm material.Color Blue.One size...
Brand: COLMIC Model: S3855121
From Colmic silicone tubes with length 5cmPackage 20pcs..
Brand: COLMIC Model: S395502001
From Colmic a quality wooly beany for your winter fishing.Color BlackOne size...
Brand: COLMIC Model: S70551060
If you are friends of Bologneze fishing method the LEO SCOREVOLLE float from Colmic is exactly what you need.Very sensitive to the bites.You can find here 3 different models to change your fishing depth and sensitivity.You can use light stick with diameter 4,5 x 39mm..
Float Colmic MENTA Bologneze
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Brand: COLMIC Model: S70551050
Excellent float for Bologneze fishing method.Very sensitive and with good stability at the water4 models with different balance weight to enjoy your fishing...
Brand: COLMIC Model: S70550400
Nice Waggler from Colmic for Match fishing with multicolor stem.Very Sensitive with very good casting and stability at water.Use this float for daily fishing...
Brand: COLMIC Model: S275501003
From Colmic a  light-coloured, fine-textured groundbait is produced from a mix of high-grade feed with a pungent cheese flavour, specially designed for grey mullet fishing.Fondo Cefalo  can also be used as a paste and baited directly on to the hook.Pack 1 Kg..
Brand: COLMIC Model: S275501001
From Colmic groundbait  based on a high percentage of high quality cheese releasing an intense and particular scent that intensifies when the groundbait is wetted and worked. Ideal for white breams, developed and tested throughout years of top-level competitions. Pack 1Kg..
Ground Bait Colmic Sarago Orata
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Brand: COLMIC Model: S275501002
From Colmic groundbait  based on first-rate pure pilchard which when wetted and worked, releases its characteristically irresistible scent, which is extremely inviting for white breams, gilt-head breams, mackerels. To prepare the groundbait just add a little water to the meal. Pack 1Kg..
Brand: COLMIC Model: S4155001
From Colmic sliding-rolling  half swivel  for making an excellent rig for Surf-Casting or light boat fishingAvailable in 3 sizes 12-14-16 with size 16 the smaller one...
Brand: COLMIC Model: S20559906
From the Italian manufacturer a landing net Pole featured by Fiber Glass.Available at 3 & 4 meters...
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Brand: COLMIC Model: S202289001
For those who are looking for easy transportation to your edge, this Sim Engineering pole is the ideal solution. Made from Multi Fiber Glass adapts to all nets with the classic thread.The transport length is 42cm and its weight is 300gr.The open length is 3.0m..
Brand: COLMIC Model: S3055101
Strong Japanese fishing line from Colmic to fill your reels With dual silicone coating that helps her stay untouched from external factorsWork on techniques like English, Bolognese.An intensely red fishing line that will surprise you with the quality in relation to its ..
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Rod Case Colmic SURF 002
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Brand: COLMIC Model: S385501110
From Colmic rod case conceived for the transport of Surfcasting or Beach Ledgering rods. The compartments, specially shaped at the height of 80 cm, are designed to fit rods with mounted reels. They all feature a side pocket for banksticks, and a shoulder strap in Cordura. ..
Rod Colmic GIGHEN Pole-Telescopic
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Brand: COLMIC Model: S2055013
Telescopic rod 100% reliable, features a tubular tip and cross reinforced carbon, perfect for both river and saltwater fishing.CodeLenghtCasting WeightWeightTransportation LenghtS2055013215,00mMax 20gr210gr135cmS2055013226,00mMax 20gr278gr135cmS2055013237,00mMax 20gr357gr135cm..
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Rod Colmic LAREO Match
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Brand: COLMIC Model: S205520076
From Colmic a composite rod for boat fishing seppia or squids..Providing regular action and a very sensitive tip for any bite detection.Features with sic guides to work with very thin braids, srew reel seat and Neopren handle.A lightness rod with true value for money...
Rod Colmic STERN XF 2.10m-(2pcs)
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Brand: COLMIC Model: S205520092
From Colmic a rod for medium-heavy bottom fishing from boat with excellent price quality ratio..Carbon Mix blank SIC guide ringsNylon/ABS and stainless steel reel seat..
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