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Brand: SUFIX Model: S3028904
Round and smooth braided line from Sufix.Eight carriers construction of thin HMPE fibers creates a super strong, thin braided line that has high abrasion resistance and superb knot and shock strength.R8 Precision Braiding technology with a high tension weaving process results in a round, supple an..
Braid Sufix Advanced Superline 8x 250m
2-3 Days
Brand: SUFIX Model: S3028902
Excellent 8X braid from Sufix...The braided R8 technology from Sufix provides incredible power, excellent mechanisms, cylindrical cross section and excellent density. The braid is made of 8 fibers (7 x Dyneema and 1x Core Performance) and 32 knit per inch.A very good suggestion from Sufix to fi..
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Brand: SUFIX Model: S30289050
From Sufix an excellent braid in low diameters... The yarn is built by a special technology from the Sufix ,resulting braid to be very tight and very strong. The Dyneema fibers are densely braided and give you uniformity and smooth flow to the guides of your rod. It is up to 3 times stronger than..
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Brand: SUFIX Model: S3028311
If you are working from shore or from boat fishing for octapus you need a hand caster wheel with strong line at big diameters.Sufix gives you here 100m  on the wheel with diameters 110mm ,120mm & 140mm...
from 6.40€
Brand: SUFIX Model: S3028090
Advance from Sufix is a very resistant to friction and wear time, flexible, sensitive, memory-free and easy to use. It has a very strong and durable outer casting, which is a complex of HMPE and polyamide molecules, processed with the Sufix Magnetic Extrusion Process. At the same time it is ..
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Brand: SUFIX Model: S3028010
100% Fluorocarbon from SUFIX that literally disappears into the water. Superior in strength and endurance that sinks quickly .150m to allow multiple applications. Use it even for filling reels...
from 11.99€
Brand: SUFIX Model: S30282622
From Sufix a very good monofilament line for every use and technique.Soft with excellent resistance to knot and friction.You will find it available at 150m & 200m depending on the diameter at an excellent price...
from 1.40€
Brand: SUFIX Model: S3028180
Very good fishing line from SUFIX with excellent value for money. High resistance to knot and wear. Recommended for match - English method . ..
Brand: SUFIX Model: S302822
The technology that uses exclusively Sufix and his industrial processing of... Give this fishing line an impressively high resistance to the knot and friction-ten times greater than most fishing the same diameter. The fishing line is ideal for Surf fishing with excellent value for money...
from 6.30€
Brand: SUFIX Model: S302823
Very good fishing line from Sufix to fill your reels. The Tritanium is as soft as it needs but at the same time possible in knot.CodeTypeMetresDiameterTestColorS302823030Monofilament1520m0,30mm6,30kgTransparentS302823035Monofilament1120m0,35mm8,70kgTransparentS302823040Monofilament860m0,40mm11,00..
Brand: SUFIX Model: S302806
The Zippy from Sufix is one step ahead of the other fishing lines we are using for Shock Leader. Made of an excellent copolymer material.Very strong in the knot, maintains great strength and offers strong POPs.Its material makes it very easy to use...
from 7.10€
Brand: SUFIX Model: S302830
From Sufix a line with a specific flexibility that makes the line with easy handling and strength to the knot.We have selected for you big diameters for boat fishing...
from 2.80€
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