The Slow Pitch Jigging from the boat is a technique that originated in Japan and has passed and our own hunting trails. In this article we will try to put timidly in this effective technique.


Those who in the past worked Butterfly Jigging the otherwise fast-paced jigging from the boat I know of course that the fatigue after each fishing escape is evident because of the "muscle" effort to get our jigs beaches to become effective in combination with our rod. Commonly we are inside the boat in constant motion all of our body with the shoulders and hands be inconvenienced. For this reason, many started this extraordinary technique but few continued effectively.

The Slow Pitch method came to make this Jigging technique more relaxed without removes the ability to pursue strong preys. Because the technique works whether we believe it or not and who started they adored.

The technique is effective at crowd game. And those who move quickly in midwater and those are locatd at seabed . Works and when the game is idle and when is actively seeking their food.  Work in a wider range of sea conditions. The game chasing soft targets are either in motion or is covered for safety reasons. The technique pushes to hunt the easy target.

How does the technique works.

It is a continuous sequence of "Stop & Go" per Pitch. It's one step per second and these moves in concert with the Jerks of the rod is making unique technique compared with the compatible and fast Butterfly Jigging.
The Slow Pitch Jigging is not a simple unfolding of the thread of the reel drum.

To get an idea why we are talking:
Jig descends in the water.

-Every Pitch is 1 full rotation per crank, rotate, 1/4 of 1/2 of rotation.
-Combination the rod works with light Jerks and these rods work quite progressive by the nose down and as a result the move giving the shot in combination with the decisive coordinated spins of the reel to cause and most incredulously preys.

-Is a technique of continuous commitment and sense of motion of the jig with the help of the rod and the braid and a continuous slow rotation of movement of the combination with the spins (Pitch) of our reel.
-Depending on the type of jig, the depth, the conditions prevailing in the region coordinate and the Jerk of the rod and the Pitch with our reel.
-Acquiring experience will switch your moves giving your own unique traffic to your jigs.

Watching the video below and watching the thoughts of Japanese man you will realize much more things from the written word from us. Besides, we don't try to be teachers. Simply be the means to showcase techniques that today have already become effective for us.

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Have fun & enjoy.
Achilles Vounatsos